March 30, 2021


Lemonade makes home and renters insurance more convenient

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If you’ve ever been burglarized, you know exactly how unsettling it is. First, there’s the feeling of violation. Then there’s the inconvenience, if not outright heartbreak, of losing specific possessions. Adding insult to injury is the bureaucracy of most insurance companies, which use outdated, often counter-intuitive systems to make your recovery process as convoluted as possible.

Eliminating crime is unlikely, but Lemonade can at least cut down on the complexity with their home insurance (starting as

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DTC Insurance Company Lemonade Uses Art To Connect With Its Youthful Customers

Lemonade’s Instagram art

The insurance market is highly competitive, with big marketing budgets and highly recognizable mascots – like the Geico gecko and Progressive’s Flo.

The direct-to-consumer insurance company Lemonade (which went public in July) started four years ago in New York City offering renters’ insurance – the type of $60 per year policies  the  big guys didn’t want to bother with.

Lemonade’s strategy is to sign up customers for its inexpensive renters’ insurance policies, and keep them happy with customer service features like three-second, automated claims payouts. When those customers buy a home, adopt a pet or buy life

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