May 15, 2021


How to Keep Health Insurance After Losing Your Job

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One of the worst problems of losing your job is having to deal with finding healthcare coverage. Fortunately, you have some options, although there are trade-offs with quality and price. Here’s a look at what you can do.

Option 1: How to sign up for an Obamacare health plan

A bronze plan may have high deductibles for medical services, but they will protect you from unexpected high-cost scenarios that can ruin you financially. Even though it’s the lowest-tier plan, it can cost a lot, between $200-400 a month; however, the good

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Colorado family battles with insurance after losing home in fire

Courtney and Todd Walsh have a spreadsheet of every item they ever owned to try to justify their worth to the insurance company.

BOULDER, Colo. — On a Friday morning in Boulder at the base of Chautauqua Mountain, the Walshes get their kids ready for school in a rental home. 

“We’ve been here since December, so we’re sort of getting used to the new normal,” said Courtney Walsh, a wife and mom of two kids. 

It’s their second time getting used to a new normal during the pandemic. 

“We’re used to change at this point,” she said. “I think a

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Crypto investors risk losing all their money

Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey.

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LONDON — Cryptocurrencies “have no intrinsic value” and people who invest in them should be prepared to lose all their money, Bank of England (BOE) Governor Andrew Bailey said Thursday.

Digital currencies like bitcoin, ether and even dogecoin have been on a tear this year, reminding some investors of the 2017 crypto bubble in which bitcoin blasted toward $20,000, only to sink as low as $3,122 a year later.

Asked at a press conference about the rising value of cryptocurrencies on Thursday, Bailey said: “They have no

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Delta Stopped Losing Money in March, but Its Stock Is Losing Altitude

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A Delta Air Lines Boeing 757-251.

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Delta Air Lines

beat Wall Street’s revenue estimates in the first quarter and reported a loss of $1.85 a share, beating forecasts for a loss of $2.07.

More important, Delta (ticker: DAL) turned cash-positive in March and expects to break even on an operating basis in June, with profitability returning in the third quarter.  

Delta’s stock doesn’t appear to be reacting positively, however. Shares were down 2.5% in recent trading, at around $47. The

S&P 500

was up 0.7%.

Delta’s first-quarter results were somewhat mixed. Revenue came

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Biden tells Georgia to ‘smarten up’ to avoid losing business over new election law

President Biden said that Georgia needs to “smarten up” to avoid businesses leaving the state over its new voting legislation. 

“It is reassuring to see that for-profit operations and businesses are speaking up about how these new Jim Crow laws that are just antithetical to who we are,” the president told reporters Tuesday. 

“There’s another side to it too. When they in fact move out of Georgia, people who need help most, people who are making hourly wages, sometimes get hurt the most,” Biden said. 

He said he supports however businesses decide to protest the law. “I think it’s a

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After Losing a Company to COVID, Owners Seek the Next Gig | Business News

By JOYCE M. ROSENBERG, AP Business Writer

NEW YORK (AP) — As airlines slashed flights and furloughs appeared inevitable in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, Mike Catania sensed there would be little need for a service that helped airline crews find short-term housing.

So, Catania and his fellow owners shut down Padloop in early March, even though the nearly year-old company had just broken even.

Catania started looking at how life was changing amid the pandemic and came up with the idea for his next business: Locaris, a website to help apartment renters connect with prospective neighbors to

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