May 9, 2021


Keith Rabois, Elliot Management, and Goldman Sachs invest in Florida

Florida has recently attracted some of Wall Street and Silicon Valley’s biggest names like Keith Rabois, Elliot Management and Goldman Sachs.

“For years, even though people would talk about moving, it really wasn’t cool among the wealthy to move to Florida. It was like, OK, you couldn’t hack it in New York, so you go to Florida,” said Robert Frank, CNBC’s wealth reporter. “Now you’re that chump who stayed in New York.” 

Reports of Florida slowly morphing into a legitimate tech and financial hub started well before the coronavirus pandemic. In 2018, Florida solidified its place in the big leagues

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Sports Activities, Arts & Entertainment Management

Whether the resulting work is ever seen by anyone is irrelevant. They would deny that art is a form of stimulation in any respect, which quite undercuts your argument. It’s solely the sport CRITICS who typically attempt to deal with video games as art, presumably because it provides them extra fascinating things to say.

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BlackBerry Strengthens Management Team and Aligns Business Units to Increase Focus on Growth in Key Cybersecurity and IoT Market Opportunities

Tom Eacobacci Promoted to President and Chief Operating Officer; Mattias Eriksson Appointed President of BlackBerry IoT Business Unit

WATERLOO, ON, April 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — BlackBerry Limited (NYSE:BB) (TSX:BB) today announced steps to further align operations and go-to-market efforts to its key market opportunities as well as strengthen its management team. This follows the company’s previous announcement to separately report revenues of its operating business units in the new fiscal year.

With Software and Services growth as the top priority for fiscal year 2022, BlackBerry will organize around two business units: Cyber Security and IoT.  To drive focus in

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5 Project Management Rules To Do Business By

Have you had at least one project failure in the past year? So have 70% of other businesses

So, what gives? Getting a group of people together to work towards a common goal doesn’t automatically guarantee a smooth process. In fact, it takes a bit of time and energy to iron out the kinks in your project management process.

If you have project failure after failure, it’s time to up the ante. Read on to learn how to improve your and your team’s project management skills. 

5 Project Management

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To thrive in the world of money management, women may need to go it alone

I never wanted or expected to run an investment management business. 

What I wanted was to manage my equity income strategy in the way that I knew it should be managed – employing a diligent research process to generate significant, dependable dividend income and to control for risk by investing in a diversified portfolio of cash-flow oriented stocks.

I also wanted my work to reflect my belief that clients deserve the opportunity to define their own objectives, to understand their investments, and to know their portfolio manager. 

Whether they have a question or just want to talk, they can pick

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Management asking residents of Denver apartment to lower temperature to help owner save money

DENVER — The management group of a south Denver subsidized apartment building is asking its residents to consider lowering their temperature this weekend in order to help the building’s owner save some money.

Archdiocesan Housing, an affiliate of Catholic Charities, posted the following letter to residents’ doors at Golden Spike Apartments on Friday:

Dear Residents:

We hope you are staying warm during these frigid temperatures.

The country is experiencing frozen oil wells which are increasing the cost of gas at our properties.

Our owner is requesting that you consider lowering your thermostat by 4 degrees to help us

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