May 5, 2021


Global Islamic finance forecast to grow as main markets recover – S&P

The $2.2 trillion global Islamic finance industry is expected to grow 10%-12% over 2021-2022 due to increased Islamic bond issuance and a modest economic recovery in the main Islamic finance markets, S&P Global Ratings said.

The industry continued to grow last year despite the COVID-19 pandemic, although at a lower pace than in 2019, with global Islamic assets expanding by 10.6% in 2020 against growth of 17.3% the previous year.

Islamic finance, which bans interest payments and pure monetary speculation, has been on the rise for many years across markets in Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, but it

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Florida Legislature Passes Major Changes to Auto, Property Insurance Markets

Florida lawmakers passed two bills on the last day of their 2021 legislative session that make major changes to the state’s auto and property insurance markets.

The actions follow weeks of back-and-forth debate on the proposals between the House and Senate chambers.

Stakeholders say neither of the potential new laws will do enough to accomplish lawmakers’ goals of reducing rates or weeding out fraud in their respective insurance industries. Both bills are now headed to Governor Ron DeSantis, who will have to sign them before they can become law.

Senate Bill 76

The bill attempts to address some of the

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Buttonwood – The Fed and the bond markets | Finance & economics

JEROME POWELL does not want you to misunderstand him. The Chair of the Federal Reserve knows that communication is a big part of how monetary policy works. Mr Powell speaks plainly. He is not an economist, but that probably helps, because he is less likely to resort to confusing jargon. His messages at the Fed’s press conference on March 17th were admirably clear: no change in the main policy settings; no change in Fed guidance about future shifts in policy; and no real concerns about jumpy government bond markets.

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China’s Crusade Against Risk Is Tormenting Financial Markets

Divining the targets of Beijing’s latest de-risking campaign is becoming an essential trading strategy.

Those who failed to take heed of warnings about asset bubbles by officials were steamrolled by a $1.3 trillion rout in Chinese equities, with the most popular stocks bearing the brunt of the selloff. That came shortly after Beijing stunned millions of would-be investors by canning Ant Group Co.’s $35 billion listing at the 11th hour, despite evidence that regulators had growing concerns over its business model. In another sign of complacency, Tencent Holdings Ltd. neared $1 trillion in value even as the fintech industry came

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Climate Change Is Tightening Insurance Markets. That’s No Good for the Solar Industry

In the spring of 2019, the sky in parts of West Texas opened up, in some areas dropping hailstones as big as baseballs, according to the National Weather Service. Beyond cracking car windows and damaging rooftops, the hailstorm struck a 180-megawatt solar project developed by 174 Power Global, causing an estimated $70 million to $80 million in damages as ice smashed the project’s panels, made by Hanwha Q Cells.

The event got the insurance market’s attention.  

“That’s really when the market changed overnight,” said Sara Kane, a senior vice president overseeing energy risk management at insurance broker Beecher Carlson.


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