May 1, 2021


Johnson County ends mask mandate, business can still require

OLATHE, Kan. — Johnson County’s mask mandate will turn into only a recommendation on May 1.

Mask opponents wanted to see the public health measure expire entirely.

Commissioners voted 5 to 1 to transform the public health order into a series of strong recommendations, beginning Saturday.

The coronavirus positive test rate in Johnson County has now dropped below five percent.

The new strong recommendations include:

  • Continuing to wear masks or face coverings within indoor public spaces.
  • Business operators should strongly encourage or require their customers, employees and
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Arkansas businesses keeping mask rule

Notices requiring shoppers and diners to wear masks will persist in Arkansas this week even if Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson decides to discontinue the state’s mask mandate.

Businesses big and small say they will continue to ask patrons to wear face coverings to help prevent the spread of covid-19.

Proprietors said they believe it will be months before life returns to the way it was before the pandemic, and they want to continue following federal health guidelines for the safety of their workers and customers.

“I think we are far away from reaching herd immunity and will continue with a

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Local business owners hope people continue to mask up

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – This week, Sedgwick County lifted its mask mandate.

Shops, restaurants, and other businesses may be making the call on masks in their business. Now, Governor Laura Kelly does have the upper hand in this decision, but some business owners say they will continue to wear masks and social distance as much as they can during this time. They say at this point they would rather be safe than sorry.

“We are definitely going to continue making masks and everything,” said Brenden Koontz, T-shirt Kitchen manager.

“We have to do everything that we can to stop this

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Local businesses discuss options with mask enforcement

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) – Sedgwick County on Wednesday (March 24) voted to end the local health order, which means masks and social distancing, though still recommended in public, are now longer requirements from the county level. It is now up to businesses if they want to continue requiring those safety precautions. On Thursday, Eyewitness News spoke with two businesses choosing different options.

Reverie Coffee Roasters shared its belief that it is not time to stop requiring customers to wear masks. Advanced Chiropractic, on the other hand, is a business that’s deciding to leave the decision up to its patients.


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It’s been 2 weeks since Texas lifted its mask mandate. Here’s how business owners are handling it

Gov. Greg Abbott announced March 2 that he was lifting the mask mandate. A week later, businesses of all types were allowed to open to 100% capacity. On top of that, people who decide to not wear masks can’t be punished by law, Abbott’s mandate says.

“It’s amazing what people, what kind of people there are that will go out of their way to have their two cents put in that they’re against having to wear a mask,” said Wayne LaCombe, co-owner at Legends Diner in Denton, Texas. “I would imagine that 75% of the calls that we get are
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No Shoes, No Mask, No Service? Businesses Now Write the Rules on Face Coverings

Getting a beer at Hills & Dales Ice House in San Antonio doesn’t require wearing a mask. But getting a coffee at the


franchise located a third-of-a-mile away still does. At Scout & Molly’s women’s wear boutique 20 minutes south, masks are recommended but not required. Heading to lunch for sushi at Piranha Izakaya next door, though, means putting one on until seated at the table.

As Covid-19 restrictions loosen in several states, the shopping plazas and small businesses of Texas tell corporate America—and its consumers—what to expect as the country reopens. We have months of inconsistency ahead of

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