May 9, 2021


Millennial philanthropy may forever change finance

What is up with those weird millennials? That is a sentiment many middle-aged people like me might have muttered in the workplace when confronted with the fact that some of those born between 1981 and 1996 have different attitudes towards careers and hierarchies.

And the incomprehension — or irritation — is often mutual: many millennials are angry about the economic and environmental messes created by older cohorts such as Gen X (1965-80) or boomers (1946-64).

But among the finger pointing, one less noticed aspect to ponder is how generational differences are currently affecting finance. Millennials appear to have some subtly

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3 money lessons from ‘Broke Millennial’ I wish I’d learned sooner

  • I was a bit naive about money when I started “Broke Millennial,” but reading it has been a big help.
  • Author Erin Lowry has smart advice for paying down debt faster and saving more money.
  • Her rationale for negotiating a higher salary shaped the way I approach every job.
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Erin Lowry is on a mission to help you get your financial life together. What started as a blog titled “Broke Millennial” has now turned into three books, online courses, and multiple presentations about personal finance as it relates to young adults. 

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