February 15, 2021


Video shows how Earth’s tectonic plates moved over 1 billion years

The land mass that became Antarctica once sat along the Equator. Over Earth’s history, several supercontinents have broken up and come back together like the Backstreet Boys.

Our current seven continents and five oceans are the result of more than 3 billion years of planetary evolution, the tectonic plates crisscrossing atop the semi-solid ooze of Earth’s core. 

But charting the precise movements of those plates over all that time is challenging; existing models are often piecemeal, span only a few million years, or focus on just continental or oceanic changes, not both. 

Now, for the first time, a group of

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After Simple bank shut down, I moved my money to Ally

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  • My boyfriend and I had our first joint account at Simple, so it was a blow when the bank shut down.
  • I investigated other options and decided on Ally as a new home for our funds.
  • I’m glad we made the switch — our money is earning more interest than before.
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