April 10, 2021


Local business moves to new location | Business

A local small business is preparing to move to a new location at the end of April.

AR Workshop St. Joseph, a craft boutique workshop, will move from its current location near Hy-Vee to the East Ridge Village Shops at 3855 Frederick Avenue. They offer home decor and other creative projects.

“This location used to be Kristen’s Coin and Jewelry for a long time, so we’re right by Perkins and some other great businesses: Hazel’s Coffee and Blessings Boutique, Merle Norman. So we’re really excited to be in here with all these other really popular businesses,” Jessica Estes, owner of

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Cerner makes moves into the life insurance game

Electronic health record vendor Cerner announced on Wednesday that it was collaborating with New York Life to provide secure access to EHRs.

The partnership represents a move into the life insurance industry from Cerner, aimed at accelerating underwriting decisions and simplifying the application process. 

“We’re focused on helping life insurance companies return underwriting decisions quickly and accurately with near real-time digital-record delivery from across the country,” said Art Glasgow, senior vice president of strategic growth at Cerner, in a statement.  


The collaboration aims to support New York Life in accessing hospitals’ EHRs in near-real time, with patient

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The stimulus money isn’t going to be spent, Bank of America says, so here are the investment moves to make

The big talk not just in markets but in politics is whether the new round of stimulus will overheat the economy.

Bank of America’s research investment committee say it won’t, and brings some new data to the table. First, it cited data from the Census Bureau showing that of the households who received a $600 stimulus check in the first half of February, 73% saved or paid down debt. Consumer credit also unexpectedly fell in January.

Bank of America also surveyed more than 3,000 people to ask how they would spend the new stimulus check. Even in the lowest-income category,

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Do tech, finance moves to Miami mean jobs?


Michael Martocci, CEO Of SwagUp, a tech company newly arrived in Miami that makes gear or “swag” for businesses, has set up shop at the Ironside development in Little River.

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Dave Fano is a Miami kid through and through.

His father, a native of Cuba, owned his own building and contracting business at a shop in Hialeah. The house the elder Fano built was twice featured on ‘Miami Vice.’

Dave Fano became an artsy type sitting at his father’s drafting table. He enrolled at Florida International University to study design while still working part-time for his

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5 Financial Moves You Should Make Before Your 40s

Are you inching closer to life in your 40s? Here are five financial moves you should make before the next big decade of your life rolls around.

There are tons of major milestones that will happen in your 30s. Your earning potential is high during this time, which makes it easier to tackle the important goals you may not have been ready for in your 20s. Perhaps you’re ready to buy a home, start a family, or even open your own business.

As important as these milestones are, they can also add some financial challenges to the mix. Raising a

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Big money ditches New York, moves family to Palm Beach

High-end investment managers are getting a legal separation from New York. Palm Beach is getting the kids.

When Covid-closed offices, restaurants and public venues are able to open for ‘’normal” business it will be clear that the centre of gravity of the hedge fund, private equity and family office world will have shifted to Florida. Specifically to Palm Beach (known locally as the ‘island’) and West Palm Beach. “The move by the industry had already started,” says one Palm Beach investor. “Covid and the confinement has just compressed five years into one.”

The accelerated departure from New York is not

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