April 28, 2021


Robert Earl Keen refinanced his home to make sure band was paid, had health insurance at start of pandemic, Forbes reports

SAN ANTONIO – Live music came to a grinding halt when the coronavirus pandemic began to take charge across the U.S., but Robert Earl Keen didn’t sit back and watch his team go unsupported.

The Texas country music legend told Forbes that he refinanced his home as well as applied for a government crisis loan and a PPP loan to keep his employees on the payroll until at least the summer.

All 10 employees’ salaries had to be reduced by 25%, but they were able to keep their insurance as the health crisis worsened, the business magazine reported Monday.


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Jim Cramer says he sold some of his bitcoin and paid off a mortgage

CNBC’s Jim Cramer said Thursday he recently paid off a mortgage using profits from his investment in bitcoin.

Cramer said he bought “a lot of bitcoin” when the world’s biggest cryptocurrency was priced at around $12,000. He said he has now sold about half of his position.

“I paid off a mortgage yesterday with it,” Cramer told “Squawk on the Street.”

The price of bitcoin hit a record high above $64,000 per coin Wednesday. On Thursday, bitcoin traded around $63,000. Its price has risen more than 115% year to date.

“From the chart, I may be the only natural seller,

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Big Companies Like FedEx and Nike Paid No Federal Taxes

Just as the Biden administration is pushing to raise taxes on corporations, a new study finds that at least 55 of America’s largest paid no taxes last year on billions of dollars in profits.

The sweeping tax bill passed in 2017 by a Republican Congress and signed into law by President Donald J. Trump reduced the corporate tax rate to 21 percent from 35 percent. But dozens of Fortune 500 companies were able to further shrink their tax bill — sometimes to zero — thanks to a range of legal deductions and exemptions that have become staples of the tax

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5 Financial Decisions That Paid Off the Most for Me

Improving your financial situation doesn’t need to be complicated. These simple decisions have helped me save money and become more financially stable.

Most of us make our fair share of good and bad money decisions. Recently, I looked back on both my biggest money mistakes and successes. It’s a useful way to see what’s worked and what hasn’t.

Fortunately, some successful financial decisions stood out. Whether you’re trying to save more, figure out what to do with the money you’ve saved, or just get to a better overall financial position, here are several ways you can do it.

1. Investing

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Amounts paid for personal protective equipment qualify for medical deduction

The IRS said on Friday that amounts paid for personal protective equipment (PPE), including masks, hand sanitizer, and sanitizing wipes, for the primary purpose of preventing the spread of COVID-19 can be treated as amounts paid for medical care under Sec. 213(d) (Announcement 2021-7). As a result, amounts paid by an individual taxpayer for COVID-19 PPE for use by the taxpayer, the taxpayer’s spouse, or the taxpayer’s dependents that are not compensated for by insurance or otherwise are deductible under Sec. 213(a) if the taxpayer’s total medical expenses exceed 7.5% of adjusted gross income.

These amounts are also

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‘The Sun’ Paid For Improperly Obtained Meghan Markle Personal Data

The Mail article, and the various articles in The Sun, appeared in the first week of November, 2016. Days later, Prince Harry’s office issued an extraordinary statement declaring that Ms. Markle had been “subject to a wave of abuse and harassment” and that “nearly every friend, co-worker and loved one in her life” had been pursued, and in some cases offered money for interviews, by members of the British news media.

The couple have been at war with the tabloids ever since. In addition to Harry’s lawsuit, Meghan filed her own suit against the publisher of the Mail on Sunday,

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