May 8, 2021


Parents are sacrificing financial wellness to support adult children

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Many American parents are financially supporting their adult children at the expense of their own financial wellness.

Almost half, or 45%, of parents with adult offspring have given their children money during the coronavirus pandemic and of those 79% said the funds would have otherwise gone towards their own personal finances, a survey from found.

It wasn’t just chump change, either. Those with an annual household income of less than $40,000 gave an average of $1,403, while those with a household income of $40,000 to $80,000 gave $2,170 on average. Parents who

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Teachers strive to bring more parents into personal finance education

Students wearing protective masks raise their hands in a classroom as a teacher gives a lesson remotely at a public charter school in Provo, Utah, U.S., on Thursday, Aug. 20, 2020.

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It’s a question many a personal finance educator has asked: What’s the best way to engage my students’ parents in the financial knowledge I’m teaching?

Tamara Gordon, an 8th grade social studies teacher at Centennial Academy in Atlanta, is one of them.

“Some parents think teaching personal finance education is nonsense. How do I overcome that?” she asked a panel

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Parents should set plan for that money now

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Good news for parents: Millions of American families with children will start receiving monthly payments from the enhanced child tax credit in July.

The payments could be as much as $300 per month for children under the age of 6, and about $250 per month for those between the ages of 6 and 17. For now, they’re scheduled to continue through the end of the year, and families will claim the rest of the credit when they file their 2021 taxes in 2022.

That’s a significant chunk of money for many families to

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NC sent COVID relief money back as not enough parents applied

A state auditors report obtained by our Defender’s Team reveals North Carolina received $3.6 billion from the federal government for pandemic relief.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A state auditors report reveals North Carolina received $3.6 billion from the federal government for pandemic relief and sent more than $120 million of it back.

In the 21 page report, the state auditor breaks down how North Carolina spent its pandemic relief money.

Of the $3.6 billion dollars the state received, 94% of it was successfully distributed to relief programs, hospitals, schools, etc.

The remaining 6% was either sent back or is still

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LA teachers union, school district sued by parents claiming closures cause ‘personal injury’ to kids

Los Angeles parents are suing the local school district and teachers union for continuing school closures amid the coronavirus pandemic, claiming that students have suffered academically and emotionally as a result.

The personal injury lawsuit filed this week named the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) union, and UTLA President Cecily Myart-Cruz as defendants, the Los Angeles Daily News reported.


The suit alleges that the LAUSD failed to uphold its standard of acting in the best interest of students

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Divorced parents question who gets extra child tax credit money

WASHINGTON — Whether you love the new stimulus law or think it is too costly, if you are a parent, it is most likely going to impact you.

That’s because the law expanded the child tax credit and created a system that allows part of it to be paid on a monthly basis beginning later this summer.

Parents with children 5 and under receive $3,600 per child. Parents with children between the ages of 6-17 receive $3,000. That’s on average about $1,000 more than what parents have been receiving for years.

The bonus money phases out for couples making more

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