April 2, 2021


Former ParTech CFO pleads guilty to federal fraud, money laundering charges

SYRACUSE, N.Y. – The former chief financial officer of ParTech in New Hartford pleaded guilty to federal fraud charges Thursday, after stealing money from the company to invest in a diamond selling scheme.

Michael Bartusek, 58, of Fairport, pleaded guilty to wire fraud, money laundering and filing a false tax return.

Bartusek admitted to defrauding the company of $776,000 from the summer of 2015 through the end of 2016, to invest in buying and selling diamonds from overseas. Bartusek told the court he had hoped to gain enough profits from the diamond sales to pay the money back before the

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Former Mexican politician pleads guilty to money laundering in areas including San Antonio

The disgraced, one-time presidential hopeful admitted to using Texas real estate

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Florida man who used CARES Act PPP loan money to buy a Lamborghini pleads guilty

Don’t try and buy one of these with money stolen from the government.


So, it’s not a great idea to attempt to scam the government. It has a lot of resources and entire departments of smart and officious people who are dedicated solely to tracking you down and peeing in your Wheaties (figuratively speaking).

That said, it’s probably an even worse idea to defraud the government of millions of dollars in Paycheck Protection Program loans and use some of that money to buy a Lamborghini. That’s just what Miami resident David Hines, 29, did last year. We reported on

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