April 24, 2021


Why These 4 Franchises Expect a Post-Pandemic Business Boom

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What happen when the world goes back to normal? With any luck, a business boom. Entrepreneurs everywhere are hoping for a rush of new business, and making sure they’re prepared to meet customers’ needs after more than a year of digital-only interactions. Four franchise leaders talk us through why they’re expecting a spike, and how they’re getting their teams ready. 

Dogtopia Prepares for Pandemic Pups

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Courtesy of Dogtopia

“For a dog, the pandemic has been the best thing,” says

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The Business Types To Emerge Post-pandemic

Hybrid working has the hottest topic of the post-pandemic workplace in recent months, but this arrangement is running the risk of becoming a blanket term.

Not only is hybrid working a way to accommodate both in-person and at-home working, it opens a new opportunity for organizations to reevaluate their culture, improve the employee experience and make wellbeing a central focus to their strategies.

According to research by the University of London, there are four different categories of business type to emerge in the near future, including: the Business as Usual, the Temporary Pivoter, the Shape Shifter and the Re-Inventor.

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COVID-19 Super Savers Need to Carefully Navigate in a Post-Pandemic World

A little over a year ago, COVID-19 hit the United States, altering the fabric of our daily lives and turning the average American’s personal finances upside down. Within weeks, 52% of all households slashed their spending.  From all the upheaval and radical change emerged a new generation of risk-averse, financially conservative people: Meet the super savers.

After COVID reached the United States, we saw a pronounced jump nationwide in the personal savings rate — the amount of people’s disposable income that gets saved or invested. For the last two decades that savings rate sat at just under 10%. In April

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How to Create a Winning Post-Pandemic Business Model

In order for your company to succeed in the post-pandemic era, you must do two things well: Select your strategy carefully to target a defensible market segment and tailor your business model to capture and dominate your target market.

The problem is, most companies aren’t ready to compete on these new terms. The pandemic sharply accelerated market fragmentation. This allowed the digital giants, fueled by their market micro-segmentation, to grow quickly, but most companies have not changed their business model to meet these new conditions. Many managers who rose through the ranks in the previous era simply assumed that their

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Thriving Post-Pandemic Requires Shifting Your Business And Your Website

Karl is the Founder of Great Dwellings, a tech-hospitality startup, and NetAesthetics, a web and app development company.

If you’re a small business owner, the pandemic has caused all sorts of worries. You’ve been worrying about your health. You’ve been worrying about employees who depend on a paycheck from your business. Small business workers have been hardest hit from Covid-related job insecurity. A cruel double-whammy.

But some small businesses have been thriving. If your business is in cleaning products or fresh food delivery, you’ve got more business than you can handle. Maybe your business pivoted to produce

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How to prepare for post-pandemic auto insurance hikes

Here are the biggest ways you can save money on auto insurance when premiums increase after the pandemic. (iStock)

For the first time in a decade, car insurance rates fell nationwide in 2020.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, the drop is a result of the considerable decline in driving amidst lockdowns and an estimated $14 billion of car insurance discounts related to the pandemic. As more people began to work and study from home and insurance companies sought to help struggling policyholders, many drivers have enjoyed some respite from their usual rates.

However, this insurance industry

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