April 9, 2021


Ames woman denied coverage for $16K prescription, insurance says it’s because bloodwork wasn’t done during pandemic

Sara Willette feels her insurance company is forcing her to choose between getting exposed to COVID, which could kill her, or going without a lifesaving therapy.

AMES, Iowa — An Ames woman is fighting to get a lifesaving medication after insurance told her pharmacy they weren’t going to cover it anymore.

The medicine costs more than $10,000 a month, a price Sara Willette said she can’t afford to pay.

“It’s saddening, it’s frustrating and it’s completely unnecessary,” Willette said. “It’s a novel virus pandemic out there. We shouldn’t be sending high-risk people in when it’s not safe yet.”

Willette’s health

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Can Amazon Pharmacy save you money on prescription drugs?

HOUSTON – There’s a new way to fill your prescription medication, and it could save you some money. Amazon jumped into the pharmacy business late last year with Amazon Pharmacy.

We wanted to know how prices with the internet retail giant compare to what you’ll pay at traditional pharmacies. This is what we learned:

If you have ever comparison shopped to find which pharmacy offers the lowest price for your medication, you know they don’t make it easy. You want to know if it’s cheaper with or without insurance, and sometimes the pharmacist won’t even tell you the cash price

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