March 10, 2021


When a couple has different financial priorities

Doug and Kat (not their real names) live in the rural Midwest and, during most years, earn a combined low six figures. Kat, 31, earns around $50,000 a year as a freelance writer; Doug, also 31, earns just under $90,000 as a development engineer. Both Kat and Doug reduced their working hours and their income after welcoming their first child last year — and they are currently trying to decide how to balance their long-term savings, their charitable donations, and the money that might go toward their son’s education someday.

Doug: We’re both very goal-oriented. The first thing we did

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Small Business Struggles Point To Three Policy Priorities

Young business survival and growth. Workforce development. Child care.

Those, at least, are my takeaways from new survey data on small businesses. Together with the Small Business Roundtable, Facebook recently released its latest State of Small Business report for the United States. And the National Federation of Independent Business published two new updates from its members.

A topline finding in these surveys is the continuing struggle for many small businesses to stay

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