March 31, 2021


Canon Business Process Services Launches Redesigned Website

“Our new website also spotlights how Canon provides value to clients, which is to help them automate workflow, optimize business processes and ultimately transform their enterprise,” notes Joe Marciano, president and CEO of Canon Business Process Services. “Our innovative approach includes the latest technologies, workflow automation, Six Sigma methodologies and data analytics to enable business agility and digital transformation.”

One highlight of the updated website is the “Insights” section. It offers white papers, articles and research reports spotlighting best practices for implementing

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Growing Your Business? How Process Automation Can Help And Why You Need It Sooner Than Later

By Riccardo Conte, serial entrepreneur, founder of Virtus Flow, a no-code digital process automation platform that streamlines work through process automation.

A common misconception due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic is that companies are shutting down or performing less efficiently. While this is the case in certain industries, operations like marketing, online banking, mobile applications and online ordering have been booming — leading to substantial growth for many. 

With unexpected global changes coming in from all angles, business preparedness took the spotlight, making organizations realize the importance of powerful, reliable processes. For those who saw unprecedented

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