May 12, 2021


MSNBC’s Ruhle ripped for scolding businesses to raise wages after poor jobs report: ‘Never run a business’

MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle was slammed Monday for her take on how government unemployment benefits are affecting the U.S. labor force, arguing that the real question is why aren’t employers offering workers higher wages.

In response to an underwhelming April jobs report, some liberals are pushing back against the notion that unemployment benefits are discouraging a return to the workforce.

“Why is it – that the unemployment benefits are too generous rather than the

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No-fault repeal will raise insurance rates. Period.

As the debate over repeal of Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance continues inside the Capitol, legislators are on the precipice of making a costly error, resulting in higher rates and more litigation, and benefiting the state’s trial lawyers at the expense of Florida drivers.

The fact is that PIP repeal will raise insurance rates for consumers. Period.

Why? Because auto related litigation will increase, the size of awards will increase, and because the coverage that would replace PIP will cost more. These are not speculative statements; they are the facts based on what has happened in other states where PIP

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Biden Bid to Raise Economic Speed Limit Gets Boost From Business

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Good timing may not be everything. But it sure does help.

That looks to be the case when it comes to President Joe Biden’s drive to reverse a decades-long decline in U.S. economic dynamism. While Biden’s efforts on their own are likely to yield only limited results, they come at a time when some economists see the U.S. as primed for a sustained run of stronger growth.

After more than a year of business restrictions

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Colorado auctioning weed-themed license plates to raise money for disability fund

Colorado has a new way for drivers to show their high country pride.

The state’s Department of Motor Vehicles is offering 14 vanity plates with weed-themed words and phrases through an auction to raise money for the Colorado Disability Funding Committee.

BONG, GANJA, HERB and ISIT420 are among the tags on offer.

The last of those is a reference to April 20, which is celebrated by many marijuana users as Weed Day and is when the auction is scheduled to end.

At the time this article was published, the bidding for ISIT420 had reached $6510, followed GREEN at $2,500 and

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North Dakota legislators set to raise their own pay, still get rare no-cost health insurance

That estimate for 2019, the most recent available, is from the Kaiser Family Foundation, which found that the average employee contribution for health insurance both in North Dakota and the United States was 21%.

But that’s not the case for state employees, including legislators and other elected officials, in North Dakota. State taxpayers pick up the full cost of health insurance premiums for all state employees.

For North Dakota’s 141 legislators, who set pay and benefits for themselves and all other state employees, that will amount to a premium subsidy of $1,426 per month for health insurance.

That’s the same

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Insurrection extremists raise funds for legal bills

Defendants accused in the Capitol riot Jan. 6 crowdfund their legal fees online, using popular payment processors and an expanding network of fundraising platforms, despite a crackdown by tech companies.

The Capitol riot extremists and others are engaging these companies in a game of cat-and-mouse as they spring from one fundraising tool to another, utilizing new sites, usernames and accounts.

In one case, a crowdfunding website set up in late 2020 has been adopted by a defendant charged with storming the Capitol, who used it to raise almost $180,000. His was one of eight fundraisers on the site as of

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