April 24, 2021


Extra stimulus money sent to 700,000 people who filed 2020 tax returns

The third stimulus effort so far has put more than $379 billion into bank accounts, wallets and, yes, cash registers as many people spend their stimmy. 

Some people who already received the third stimulus payment were shocked to receive extra money in recent days.

Nearly 700,000 supplemental payments this week went to people who earlier this year received a stimulus payment based on their 2019 tax returns.

But now this group received extra money, either a new or larger payment, after their 2020 income tax returns were processed by the IRS.

Stimulus payments are based on income as well as

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As ‘normal’ life in Hutchinson returns, businesses tally losses

Hutchinson, Minn. – Joe McCormick is a man in motion.

Since reopening at half-capacity in January, tables at his McCormick’s Family Restaurant fill up with people hankering for fresh popovers and a chance to laugh and visit again.

But the restaurant is so short-staffed that McCormick is busing tables, seating customers and occasionally standing behind the grill himself. He recently decided to close on Mondays so he and his staff could get a break.

“If I had staff, I wouldn’t even consider closing,” he said. “I’m trying to stay a step ahead of it. I can’t wear my people out.”

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New GM Martin Mayhew again returns to Washington with unfinished business

But that story misses the bigger picture. In 1993, Mayhew left for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in free agency and paused his studies. Three years later, he retired, returned to Washington and, at 31, restarted law school from the beginning. He was perhaps the only one there who juggled class with a wife and two children. Mayhew graduated in 2000, his commitment to finishing as revealing as what got him there in the first place.

Now, in Washington, Mayhew will be one of the rare NFL GMs — and the first Black GM ever — afforded a second chance. He

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IRS still hasn’t processed millions of 2019 tax returns

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Anti-Putin Campaigners: It’s Time to Sanction the Large Adult Sons of Oligarchs and Cronies

ATTILA KISBENEDEKBack when he was still running Russia’s FSB, Nikolai Patrushev, a longtime Putin crony who now heads the Russian Security Council, famously referred to himself and his colleagues as representatives of the “new nobility.”Nepotism is now breeding a new generation of Russian “nobles,” who are poised to take over the Kremlin upon the retirement of their fathers. These princelings—some of whom already occupy exalted positions in the government and the corporate world—are accused of benefiting from their parents’ money, mostly stolen from

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