February 19, 2021


Roaring Kitty Will Tell Congress He Was a True Believer in GameStop

Credit…via Youtube

Keith Gill, the former MassMutual wellness education director who advocated for shares of GameStop in his free time, is prepared to tell a House committee on Thursday that he never provided investment advice for a fee and did not “solicit anyone to buy or sell the stock for my own profit.”

The statement made no mention of the fact

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GameStop Hearing With Roaring Kitty and Robinhood C.E.O.: Live Updates




Robinhood C.E.O. Faces Scrutiny From House Lawmakers

Vlad Tenev, the chief executive of Robinhood, apologized for temporarily limiting trading of GameStop after Jan. 28, but said his company did nothing wrong at a House Financial Services Committee hearing on GameStop.

“Jan. 28 proved to be a completely unprecedented event — the spike in trading activity and volatility meant that Robinhood securities, our clearing broker, had to hold the line and post additional firm capital as collateral to support our clearinghouse deposit demands. To put it in perspective, on Jan. 28,

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