Turns out Texans don’t save money under our deregulated electricity market

Our deregulated electricity market promised reliability and lower electricity prices than our neighbors. Turns out, it provided neither.

HARD CHOICES: Use vacation time or go without pay? Some Texans forced to choose after winter storm

Overall, the deregulated market has cost Texans $28 billion more than traditional utilities since 2004, McGinty and Patterson report.

When Texas moved from full-service regulated utilities nearly 20 years ago, proponents of deregulation said that competition between retail energy providers would drive monthly rates down because residents could shop around for the best deals. Instead, Texans ended up paying a lot more.

Texas’ deregulated electricity

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7 clever ways to save money as a homeowner

As a homeowner, you’re always looking for ways to save money and shave costs. The same can be said about your homeowner’s insurance. Take advantage of 7 ways to save money as a homeowner, including a mortgage refinance. (iStock)

As a homeowner, you’re always looking for ways to save money and shave costs. This may be even more true due to the disruption in the economy and widespread unemployment caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

If you’re searching for ways to cut corners and keep homeownership costs down, then you should use an online marketplace like Credible. Credible can

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Management asking residents of Denver apartment to lower temperature to help owner save money

DENVER — The management group of a south Denver subsidized apartment building is asking its residents to consider lowering their temperature this weekend in order to help the building’s owner save some money.

Archdiocesan Housing, an affiliate of Catholic Charities, posted the following letter to residents’ doors at Golden Spike Apartments on Friday:

Dear Residents:

We hope you are staying warm during these frigid temperatures.

The country is experiencing frozen oil wells which are increasing the cost of gas at our properties.

Our owner is requesting that you consider lowering your thermostat by 4 degrees to help us

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