March 25, 2021


Will selling my own home save me money?

If you’re thinking about selling your home without a real estate agent, consider the costs. (iStock)

With low-interest rates, there are plenty of buyers hoping to purchase a new home in the current real estate market. If you’re looking to lower your expenses, you may consider skipping real estate agents and selling your house on your own to take advantage of the high demand. However, it’s important to remember that selling your home isn’t free.

When you’re working with an agent, sellers can expect to lose approximately 5% of the sales price to agent fees. If you sell

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Renters in these cities could save up to $5,000 by signing a lease now and Wells Fargo defends stimulus-check delay

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Personal Finance
Renters in these cities could save up to $5,000 by signing a lease now

Rents continued to fall in many cities last month, but could soon rebound, according to a new report.

Eviction filings increased after CDC issued nationwide moratorium, government report shows

A Government Accounting Office report criticized the CDC for not doing more to promote awareness of the eviction moratorium it enacted in September.

‘Amazon can get anything in the world physically to your door in under 48 hours. It takes Uncle Sam six days’: Wells Fargo defends stimulus-check delay


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How prime members can save money with every Amazon order

HOUSTON – If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you know two-day shipping rarely means you’ll get your order in two days anymore. The company claims the COVID-19 pandemic has caused shipping delays for the last year. But there are some ways you can make up for the service you’ve already paid for if you know how to shop.

At check-out, Amazon gives Prime members three delivery options:

  • Free Prime delivery that may or may not make it in two days

  • Free Amazon Day delivery that takes about a week

  • Free No Rush shipping that takes about a week and a

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9 smart ways to save money on your next golf buddies trip

Here’s how you can save up and still play great golf courses.

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Welcome to the Tip Jar, where our mission is to help you maximize, extend and get smart with your almighty golf dollars — yep, free of charge!

Almost by definition, a golf trip is a splurge. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find savings. A bit of economizing here and there, and soon the cost-reductions add up to real money. If you’re gearing up for a long-awaited getaway, here are nine ways to cut back on expenses — without

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7 quick tips to save money on your gas, electric and water bills right now

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The average family spends about $126.65 per month on their electric bill. That adds up to more than $1,500 per year. And when money is tight, reducing your electricity bill is one of the quickest ways to save each month. But if you’re like many people, you’re not sure how to do that. After all, we all have to use electricity, right? We’ve rounded up a few of the best free ways to reduce energy consumption and save money on your electric bill right now (as well as a couple of bonus tips to save on gas and

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Can Amazon Pharmacy save you money on prescription drugs?

HOUSTON – There’s a new way to fill your prescription medication, and it could save you some money. Amazon jumped into the pharmacy business late last year with Amazon Pharmacy.

We wanted to know how prices with the internet retail giant compare to what you’ll pay at traditional pharmacies. This is what we learned:

If you have ever comparison shopped to find which pharmacy offers the lowest price for your medication, you know they don’t make it easy. You want to know if it’s cheaper with or without insurance, and sometimes the pharmacist won’t even tell you the cash price

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