April 20, 2021


Cord-Cutting Isn’t About Saving Money. It’s About Control

The point of cord-cutting was to save money. Pick the programming that means something to you, and jettison the rest. Then the broadcasters, streamers, and studios all sectioned off their little wells of content, and the services such as Hulu, Youtube TV, and SlingTV homogenized their offerings. Now I can actually pay less for a subscription to Spectrum than I would if I subscribed to any of the other live TV services. But as I’ve shaved, trimmed, and pruned my cords to save just a few dollars when I can, I’ve realized that it was never about saving money. It

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How Retired Singles Can Safely Travel While Saving Money

Travel is one of the great luxuries of retirement, and the pandemic has been “a real wakeup call” for single tourists, says Janice Waugh, founder of Solo Traveler. The website, which is aimed at single travelers, found that those over 65 are especially eager to make travel a priority once the pandemic is over.

But post-pandemic, single travelers are looking to take charge. “In previous years, if a friend wanted to go someplace they might just go along, but now they’re saying, ‘I’m going to go where I want to go, even if it means traveling solo,’” Waugh says. 

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Reddit’s WallStreetBets community is pouring money into saving gorillas

It’s gorillas.

That’s not monkey business. Members of the Reddit group — who gained national attention for their role in pumping up the January trading frenzy of GameStop (GME), AMC (AMC) and other meme stocks — rallied over the weekend to use their earnings to symbolically “adopt” gorillas through donations to the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund.

Why gorillas? It’s a bit of an inside joke: WallStreetBets members refer to themselves and others on the page as “apes,” as part of the group’s internal lingo.

It all started Saturday, when a member of WallStreetBets adopted a
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4 of the worst-kept secrets for saving more money

There aren’t actually many secrets when it comes to saving more money. 

While there are plenty of gimmicky ways to go about it, the majority of saving advice is surprisingly practical. The best pieces of advice about saving involve ways to make it easier on yourself, both mentally and in terms of how simple it is to actually put the money away.

It’s worth noting that these methods are best suited for those who have extra income to save. If you feel like you can’t save as much as you want to, try scaling down your savings goals or waiting.

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