May 10, 2021


One day only: Spring Business Bingo set for May 8

Area businesses entice customers with prize packages

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Think of it as a springtime “Shop Small Saturday.”

Jenn Harlan, the owner of Rapid City’s Younique Finds antique store, has teamed up with eleven other businesses to sponsor a one-day Spring Business Bingo.

Stop by any of the 12 businesses on Saturday, May 8, and pick up a bingo card. The businesses are:

  • Younique Finds, 901 Mt. Rushmore Road
  • Who’s Toy House, 512 Main Street, Suite 130
  • Staple & Spice Market, 526 Sixth Street
  • Rapid Energy Nutrition, 1620 Mt. Rushmore Road, Suite 300
  • Old Time Thrift, 420 Creek
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Personal Finance: Spring cleaning |

Between putting the winter toys away and anticipating upcoming COVID-19 freedoms, now is a great time to freshen up your finances.

Clear out the clutter: I recently helped my dad clean out his office. He still had the paperwork from my Blue Lake home that he co-signed with me back in 1989. Wild to see a 14% interest rate. He also had credit card statements for the past 15 years. Do you have old tax returns, brokerage statements or other financial documents? With cloud storage, eliminate or minimize the paper. Financial institutions, CPAs, financial advisors and brokerage firms keep

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Miami Beach spring break: Coronavirus curfews quell crowds.

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Restaurants are reopening. Sidewalks are coming back to life. America is shaking off a long COVID winter. But in Miami Beach, you might not even know a pandemic had happened. Verónica Zaragovia is a reporter with WLRN, the public radio station for Miami and South Florida, and she’s observed over the past few weeks a lot people crowding on to Miami Beach’s main drag, Ocean Drive. “It’s been really crowded. Just a lot of people that perhaps would raise your eyebrows because of the potential for the coronavirus to

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D.C business recovery will be slow, but vaccines and spring bring hope

In some ways, it did feel like D.C. emerged from its pandemic-induced hibernation over the last week, with unseasonably warm weather, the vaccine rollout underway and residents spilling out of their homes into neighborhood streets and shops. But beneath its sunny disposition, little has changed.

Restaurants were still capped at 25 percent capacity indoors, and the once-bustling streets of downtown Washington remained almost empty. The Anthem, the music venue with the encouraging sign at the Wharf, stayed shuttered. And the coronavirus daily case rate lingered well above the city’s metric of success as demand for coronavirus vaccine doses continues to

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Spring Crop Insurance Guarantees Set at $4.58 for Corn, $11.87 for Soybeans

For most Midwestern growers, the deadline to purchase crop insurance is March 15. University of Illinois ag economist Gary Schnitkey said farmers should expect premiums to increase. He also encourages farmers to consider a new supplemental crop insurance product, called the Enhanced Coverage Option. While it’s based on county yields instead of farm history, it has a high probability of paying out. For more details on that program, please read “New Crop Insurance Option Provides Higher Levels of Coverage” here:….

Higher crop insurance guarantees reflect the upward trend in prices that began last August, as Chinese demand for

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