May 10, 2021


7 Monetary Fundamentals That Can Help Guarantee Business Success

If you’re struggling to collect from certain prospects or shoppers, it may be time to get artistic with how you invoice them. Managing finances is usually a challenge for any small business proprietor. Often, the reason your small business is successful is due to the abilities you bring to creating your product or offering your service. If you don’t have plenty of expertise with managing business funds, it could feel like a chore and you can be slipping into bad financial habits that could at some point hurt your corporation.

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The three social media requirements for business success

As more of the country gets vaccinated and stores continue to reopen and operate under less Covid restrictions, small business owners are poised to see revenue gains this summer. But amid intensifying competition for consumer dollars, the lion’s share of the spending will go to entrepreneurs who know how to effectively create content on social media, according to serial entrepreneur and media mogul Gary Vaynerchuk. The key to a smart social media advertising strategy, according to Gary Vee, is to think more like a publisher and less like a salesman.

“The reason so many businesses struggle with social media is

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We teach wrong math for financial success

Bad financial decisions, just like good financial decisions, can compound, making it harder to achieve financial success, yet many students across the U.S. receive too little financial education to understand core financial literacy concepts.

A Junior Achievement survey revealed that 46% of teens said a general lack of understanding of money, investing and the economy negatively impact their ability to be financially successful. And 51% said they don’t believe everyone is presented with equal opportunities to achieve financial success.

Students are worried.

For 16-year-old Jorge Sanchez from Riverview, Florida, lack of student financial literacy leads to worries about preparing for

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South African Rapper A-REECE Pairs Success With Personal Tragedy

Tragedies can feel short-lived when they occur in quick succession. As news notifications appear and headlines stream in each day, it can be difficult to remember what the world preoccupied itself with the day before. Add this to one’s personal tragedies, and it’s impossible to keep up. A person only has the option to keep moving forward, regardless of a life’s inevitable trials. 

South African rapper A-REECE, though young, knows the nature of calamity. His apty-named mixtape Today’s Tragedy, Tomorrow’s Memory, released on March

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5 Strategies for Business Success — No Luck Required

Don’t leave it to luck this St. Patrick’s Day. Stack the odds in your favor with these ideas to make your business evergreen.

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We are all looking for a bit of luck on St. Patrick’s Day — this year more than ever. Most of us have been working from home for a full year. Some of us are feeling burnt-out

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How to create a personal manifesto for career success

Have you been trying and failing to adapt your bio or resume to the evolving circumstances—and by evolving circumstances I mean the earth-shattering professional uncertainty that has gripped us all over the past year?

If you are reading this, you probably have. And you are not alone, although this might be the only time this knowledge will bring you no comfort. When trying to get your career back on track or shifting it in the direction you always dreamed of in the middle of a pandemic, the thought of thousands of others attempting to do the exact same thing might

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