May 12, 2021


For the sake of the planet, it’s time to rethink business travel

This story is part of The Road Ahead, a series that examines the future of travel and how we’ll experience the world after the pandemic.

In 2019, Salesforce employees traveled so much for work that they generated a combined 146,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions. That’s the same amount emitted by 17,500 homes over the course of an entire year; it would take more than 178,000 acres of forest 12 months to sequester that carbon dioxide. Even as Salesforce worked to reduce its overall carbon footprint, its business travel emissions were rapidly increasing—up nearly 18% from 2017. 

In 2020,

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Retiring and Changing Health Insurance at the Same Time? Good Luck.

I recently received an email from “Bill,” who retired on Dec. 31, 2020. Bill was over 65 at his retirement and shared his story of enrolling in Medicare and also changing his Federal Employees Health Benefits Program coverage at the same time as his retirement application was being processed.

When you become eligible to enroll in Medicare, there are three periods in which to do so. The initial enrollment period is three months before, the month of, and three months after your 65th birthday. If you are still covered by current employment health insurance at age 65, Medicare will be

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The Week in Business: Time to Buy (or Sell) a House?

Good morning. Have you gotten your vaccine yet? The Biden administration is offering tax breaks to companies that give their workers paid time off to get their shot. Here’s what else you should know in business and tech for the week ahead. — Charlotte Cowles

On Earth Day, President Biden kicked off a virtual climate summit with a guest list of who’s who in world power — including the pope, Bill Gates and President Xi Jinping of China. He put forth a high-flying goal for the United States to slash greenhouse gas emissions by

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Geico Insurance Review 2021 | NextAdvisor with TIME

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Stocks are booming, but traders are having a harder time making money

Traders on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

Source: NYSE

This is a very powerful rally. The combination of surprisingly strong economic reports and even more surprisingly strong earnings reports is pushing broad swaths of the U.S. stock market to new highs.

Even the technicians who chart momentum are impressed.

“The vast majority of NYSE stocks are in intermediate-term uptrends, independent of short-term pullbacks and volatility,” Michael N. Kahn of Lowry Research, the oldest technical analysis service in the U.S., wrote in a note to clients.

Of course, the market hit new highs in January and February, but

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Time runs out for United Life & Accident Insurance Company

When the Lincoln Financial Group sells its office park and campus in Concord’s North End (you can buy it for $6 million) and no longer has a presence as an employer in Capital City, it will close the books on more than a century of history of life insurance underwriting for a succession of companies.

This story began back in 1913 when a group of Concord’s leading citizens established the United Life & Accident Insurance Company, first located at 65 North Main Street in the heart of the city’s downtown. Among the early executives and directors were brothers S.W. and

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