February 24, 2021


Decentralized Finance Will Change Your Understanding Of Financial Systems

Authors: Benedikt Eikmanns, Prof. Dr. Isabell Welpe, Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is likely to have a significant impact on how banks operate in the future – and even has the potential to shift the structure of the whole financial system at a macroeconomic level. Before we discuss and substantiate this hypothesis, we would first like to introduce the core concept of DeFi.

Decentralized Finance or “DeFi” in short, is an umbrella term encompassing the vision of a financial system that functions without any intermediaries, such as banks, insurances or clearinghouses, and is operated just by the power

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Understanding How Your Personal Life Affects You In The Workplace

Dr. Dawn Brown is a Child/Adult Psychiatrist and Serial Entrepreneur. She’s the CEO/Owner of ADHD Wellness Center & Mental Healthletics™.

Even before the world began to work from home, separating the problems of home from the problems of work has always been a challenge.

Perhaps a commute to clear your mind of your personal troubles can help, but personal emotions don’t shut off the moment you enter the workplace. You can’t stop worrying about a family member if there’s trouble, getting excited if you have something fun that evening, or feeling sad about something that’s just happened in your

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