March 26, 2021


Hiltzik: USPS 10-year plan wrongly treats agency as business

The 10-year master plan for the U.S. Postal Service unveiled Tuesday by Postmaster General Louis DeJoy looks as though it will achieve his objective of placing the service on a sound business footing for a decade.

The plan would do everything that comes naturally to a hard-nosed business executive. That’s the bad news. The plan would stretch out mail delivery deadlines, raise postal rates (perhaps steeply), cut back on post office hours and close branches.

The worse news is inherent in these changes, taken all together. It’s that they reflect the notion that the USPS should be “run like a

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USPS delays persist, and bills, paychecks and medications are getting stuck in the mail

As the service crisis at the U.S. Postal Service drags into its eighth month, complaints are reaching a fever pitch. Consumers are inundating members of Congress with stories of late bills — and the late fees they’ve absorbed as a result. Small-business owners are waiting weeks, even months, for checks to arrive, creating cash-flow crunches and debates on whether to switch to costlier private shippers. Large-scale mailers, such as banks and utilities, are urging clients to switch to paperless communication, a shift that would further undercut the agency’s biggest revenue stream.

The growing outcry adds another dimension to the agency’s

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