May 4, 2021


Gig workers fear carjacking, other violence amid spike in crimes

Just before Christmas last year, Willy Solis, a 42-year-old residential construction worker-turned-delivery driver, was hired to take a late-night $100 bottle of cognac to an apartment complex in Denton, Texas. Once Solis found the apartment, he met a stocky man who gave a name that not only didn’t match the ID he showed, but it also wasn’t the name of the person who placed the order. Confused, Solis called Instacart’s phone support line.

Solis said that that angered the customer and his three male friends and that they ordered him to hand over the cognac. Even though he had qualms

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This group is giving personal alarms to Asian Americans to protect them from violence

Video above: Protesters rally in Atlanta to stop violence against Asian AmericansA New York City anti-hate group is distributing personal safety alarms to Asian Americans and immigrants to protect them from a recent surge of racially motivated violence.Safe From Hate has donated 3,000 handheld alarms that emit an extremely loud noise to shock and disorient attackers while calling attention from bystanders and law enforcement officials.With its donations, the group aims to thwart anti-Asian violence, which has risen drastically across the United States in recent months. The Asian American community was again targeted on Tuesday, when a shooting spree in the … Read More

UConn hosts panel on anti-Asian violence, panelists discuss personal experiences as Asian Americans

Conn. (WTNH) — Many in the UConn community are calling this a hate crime. In a virtual discussion, professors, students, and community members came together to talk about it Thursday.

One by one, panelists talked about their personal experiences as Asian Americans. It was called Asians in America: Anti-Asian Violence and the Fight Against Invisibility.

Many of them talked about painful experiences about being stereotyped or facing discrimination
well before the pandemic started. Over the last year, though it’s gotten worse.

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One man says his Asian friend wasn’t allowed in

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