April 1, 2021


Biden tax increases threaten small businesses, experts warn

Small business owners have taken a hit from the coronavirus pandemic, and now some experts are concerned that they may see their tax obligations rise as a result of proposals expected from President Biden.

“Any small business that is currently teetering on the precipice of closing their business is going to be highly sensitive to any proposed tax increase,” Chelsie Kugler, Vice President of Business Development at finance and accounting firm CFOshare, told FOX Business.

The president, who

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Financial planners warn of ruin as stock trading takes on video game traits

The individual investor has never had more power.Platforms like Robinhood have made it possible to trade stocks — for free — from your phone. Millions have signed up, and many jumped into the trading frenzy around GameStop stock in the past few weeks.But what played out in the market didn’t look like investing to many financial planners.”I’d almost put it equivalent to gambling,” said Paul West, Managing Partner at Carson Wealth. “The best long term investors look so far out into the future instead of what’s happening today.”For many of those armed with trading apps, that’s not what’s happening. Free … Read More