May 14, 2021


Bold business growth – The Washington Post

Rachel Hunter wasn’t about to let the pandemic put her out of business. She had poured too much of her heart, energy, ingenuity and finances into A Florae, the floral design studio and retail shop she owns and operates in downtown Longmont, Colorado.

But the economic fallout from covid-19 forced urgent innovation, and she leaned into the challenge with a hard focus on business growth. In the biggest decision of her career, even as the overall economic outlook remained uncertain at best, Hunter not only readjusted her lines of business but expanded both her retail space and employee headcount,

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Washington baits a financial trap for states

In its first two months, the Biden administration and the 117th Congress have launched a breathtaking assault on state autonomy and the Tenth Amendment.

The PRO Act would usurp the most significant state labor laws. The For the People Act, H.R. 1, would do the same for state election laws. And with the recently signed American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), the federal government has baited a financial trap for state governments. Billions of dollars are available for their spending … if they surrender to Washington their prerogatives to reduce taxes and to manage their unfunded liabilities.

The state and

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New GM Martin Mayhew again returns to Washington with unfinished business

But that story misses the bigger picture. In 1993, Mayhew left for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in free agency and paused his studies. Three years later, he retired, returned to Washington and, at 31, restarted law school from the beginning. He was perhaps the only one there who juggled class with a wife and two children. Mayhew graduated in 2000, his commitment to finishing as revealing as what got him there in the first place.

Now, in Washington, Mayhew will be one of the rare NFL GMs — and the first Black GM ever — afforded a second chance. He

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Black McDonald’s owner Herbert Washington sues for racial discrimination

  • A Black McDonald’s franchisee in charge of 14 stores filed a lawsuit against the chain for racial discrimination.
  • McDonald’s put Black franchisees in charge of stores in poorer communities, meaning they made less profit, the suit said.
  • “McDonald’s began to dismantle my life’s work,” Herbert Washington, a former baseball pro, said.
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The Black owner of 14 McDonald’s franchises in Ohio filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against the restaurant chain, accusing it of discriminating against Black franchisees.

In the suit, Herbert Washington said McDonald’s “steered” him and other Black owners into restaurants

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