5 ways to build trust between business and IT

You’re not invited to strategic meetings. When you make recommendations, business leaders seek second opinions from consultants, their peers, or the latest magazine article. Users insist they have to have their chosen brand of software because they’re sure your standardized apps won’t meet their needs. Meanwhile, your IT team complains about the requests they get, and wants your permission to refuse or ignore them.

It’s not a pretty picture, but all these familiar frustrations are symptoms of the same problem: Trust has broken down between IT and the business.

“The moment you have a situation where there is pressure, that’s

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7 clever ways to save money as a homeowner

As a homeowner, you’re always looking for ways to save money and shave costs. The same can be said about your homeowner’s insurance. Take advantage of 7 ways to save money as a homeowner, including a mortgage refinance. (iStock)

As a homeowner, you’re always looking for ways to save money and shave costs. This may be even more true due to the disruption in the economy and widespread unemployment caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

If you’re searching for ways to cut corners and keep homeownership costs down, then you should use an online marketplace like Credible. Credible can

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3 Simple Ways Investing Can Double Your Money

What’s the simplest way to double your money? The punchline of an old joke will tell you to hold your cash up in front of a mirror. Sadly, that method doesn’t increase your wealth or purchasing power even a little bit. A better strategy is to put your cash in the stock market, where you can rely on simple concepts to double its actual, spendable value. Here are three of those concepts to get you started.

1. 401(k) employer match

Employer match is the easiest and most reliable way to double your money in an investment account. All you have

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