April 26, 2021


Elissa Washuta’s ‘White Magic’ details personal stories, ancestors’ tales

Anytime Elissa Washuta thought she was holding back or not using her true voice while writing and editing her new book “White Magic,” she channeled the energy of the creator of the cult classic TV show “Twin Peaks.” 

“If I ever felt like doing something safe, I’d think, ‘If David Lynch was allowed to make ‘Twin Peaks’ season three as he did for Showtime, surely I can have a little bit of a time shift here,’” said Washuta, 36, a creative writing professor at Ohio State University.  

And she had a hunch that her audience might just enjoy something a

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Four Latinas in the Biden White House reflect on their personal trajectories, historic roles

WASHINGTON — It’s been quite a journey for Jennifer Molina.

“I arrived without papers, we were poor,” said Molina, who immigrated with her family from Colombia. She now works at the White House as senior director of coalitions media, responsible for communications with media that focuses on specific communities such as Latinos.

“We didn’t have much and I think that as I grew up with so little, that helped me,” Molina said. “My mom was a single mom and I could really see the need for politics in people’s lives.”

Molina is one of four high-profile Latinas in the Biden

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Intern pay was meant to boost Congress’ diversity. Most of the money went to white kids

While paying interns is a start, the report argues they need to be paid more. The average intern pay was $1,986.75 in the Senate and $1,612.53 in the House, for stints that normally run five and seven weeks, respectively. Monthly rent for a barebones studio apartment in D.C. alone can run $1,600, leaving no money for other costs.

While the House has already increased the intern pay allotments to $25,000 per office and loosened some of the rules around how the money can be spent — allowing some of it to go to district office interns — Vera said more

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John Shearer: A Personal Interview With Mayoral Candidate Kim White (After Earlier Tim Kelly Profile)

Kim White has had a multi-faceted life that has ranged from working at a downtown art gallery in college to returning to almost that exact same area to live and work decades later.


She has literally come full circle, but it has been a big loop with stops in several other communities in the South and plenty of personal growth along the way.


But as she was interviewed for this two-part series that also included a recent profile on fellow Chattanooga mayoral runoff candidate Tim Kelly leading up to the April 13 election and early voting starting March 24, she

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A tie between Proud Boys and Trump White House found, NYT reports

A member of the Proud Boys was in contact with someone in former President Donald Trump’s White House in the days before the Capitol Attack on January 6, The New York Times reported. 

An anonymous source who is familiar with a cellphone data report from the Federal Bureau of Investigations told the Times that it’s not clear what they discussed and did not disclose the names of either individual. 

The information was found partly as a result of data the FBI got from technology and telecommunications companies immediately after the riot, when Trump supporters breached the US Capitol and clashed

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Progressives urge White House to overrule top Senate official and include $15 minimum wage in COVID-19 relief bill

Progressive Democrats launched a last-minute campaign urging the White House to overrule a top Senate official who decided late Thursday night that a federal minimum wage increase could not be included in the coronavirus relief package.

The parliamentarian, the non-partisan Senate referee, determined that raising the pay floor from $7.25 an hour is not compliant with rules under the procedural tool that Democrats are using to pass the measure with a simple majority in both chambers and avoid a Senate filibuster by Republicans.

The finding by Elizabeth MacDonough

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