May 9, 2021


3 personal finance tips from moms who write about it

Being a parent often means having to be mindful about money matters. And when you’re a mother who also writes about personal finance, there’s a lot of pressure to do a good job with managing your cash flow, all the while making sure your kids’ needs are accounted for. With that in mind, my fellow writers — and moms — and I are here to share some tips to help you navigate the financial side of parenthood.

1. An emergency fund is even more important when you have kids

Christy Bieber: I’ve always stressed the importance of an

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How To Write An Authentic Personal Brand Story And Make An Impact Now

By Heather Cherry— 

Businesses have repeatedly developed mission statements and brand stories, offering potential customers or partners an explanation of why they exist. These manifestos affirm an organization’s core beliefs and values—solidifying its long-term vision and mission. 

As a professional, it is essential to instill the same mindset. Think of yourself as a “business” and how you can positively portray that to potential customers, business partners, and more. One of the easiest ways to identify your core strengths, mission, and goals is to create an authentic personal brand story. 

In many cases, your

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No Shoes, No Mask, No Service? Businesses Now Write the Rules on Face Coverings

Getting a beer at Hills & Dales Ice House in San Antonio doesn’t require wearing a mask. But getting a coffee at the


franchise located a third-of-a-mile away still does. At Scout & Molly’s women’s wear boutique 20 minutes south, masks are recommended but not required. Heading to lunch for sushi at Piranha Izakaya next door, though, means putting one on until seated at the table.

As Covid-19 restrictions loosen in several states, the shopping plazas and small businesses of Texas tell corporate America—and its consumers—what to expect as the country reopens. We have months of inconsistency ahead of

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