February 26, 2021

Wyoming will lift COVID-19 restrictions on salons, barbers and other personal care businesses | Wyoming News

Dan Ridinger, owner of Citizen Shave barber shop, cuts Travis Tharp’s hair on May 1…

Dan Ridinger, owner of Citizen Shave barber shop, cuts Travis Tharp’s hair on May 1 in Casper. Personal care businesses will soon face no additional health restrictions besides those for all public places.

Wyoming will lift all restrictions on personal care businesses imposed by public health orders for the first time since those orders were introduced last spring, Gov. Mark Gordon announced Thursday.

The changes go into effect Monday. Personal care businesses include hair and nail salons, barber shops, tattoo and massage parlors, and other cosmetology establishments.

Restrictions on businesses have been gradually loosened since being introduced in the spring, but this marks the first time a COVID-19 public health order will be completely eliminated from the state’s roster of mandates.

Orders dealing with gatherings, restaurants, gyms and other businesses have been loosened but will remain in place. The statewide mask order that went into effect in early December will also remain in place. Restaurants and theaters will now be allowed to seat groups of up to 10 people, up from the previous eight-person limit. Restaurants will also be able to reopen buffet and self-serve stations. Gathering limits have been adjusted to now allow for up to 1,000 people at an indoor event and up to 2,000 people at an outdoor event.

Those orders have been extended through March 15, and Gordon anticipates restrictions will continue to be lifted if the state’s COVID-19 infection numbers remain low.

“The efforts made so far have allowed us to maximize attendance safely at larger events like the state high school wrestling championships this weekend and the state high school basketball tournament that was cancelled last year,” Gordon said in the release. “If we continue on our current trajectory, I expect us to be able to continue to remove orders as we safely return to a new normal.”