March 29, 2021

‘Your Money’: It’s a busy time for the IRS | Business

THE IRS has been busy. From a third round of stimulus payments, to a delayed…

THE IRS has been busy. From a third round of stimulus payments, to a delayed tax filing date, to relief for taxpayers involved in disputes with the federal tax agency — just to name a few of the things everyone needs to know about.

Stimulus: You may have already received your stimulus check. Ninety million payments have been sent out so far, according to the IRS. More than $242 billion arrived in individual bank accounts through direct deposit or as a check via mail recently, thanks to the American Rescue Plan — with more stimulus payments arriving in the coming weeks.

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Julie Jason, JD, LLM, is an author and personal portfolio manager at Jackson, Grant of Stamford, Conn. She welcomes questions and comments at [email protected]