April 20, 2021

How to finance your next home purchase if you’re retired

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Retirees who are considering a move that involves buying a home may want to consider how they’d finance the purchase.

It can be tricky for seniors to get a mortgage in retirement, said Al Bingham, a mortgage loan officer with Momentum Loans in Sandy, Utah. Not only are lenders still more cautious about extending credit during the pandemic, retirees generally have left a steady paycheck behind.

“You can have a lot of money but show very little income and have difficulty qualifying for a mortgage,” Bingham said. “It frustrates a lot of them.”


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Personal Finance: Spring cleaning | PostIndependent.com

Between putting the winter toys away and anticipating upcoming COVID-19 freedoms, now is a great time to freshen up your finances.

Clear out the clutter: I recently helped my dad clean out his office. He still had the paperwork from my Blue Lake home that he co-signed with me back in 1989. Wild to see a 14% interest rate. He also had credit card statements for the past 15 years. Do you have old tax returns, brokerage statements or other financial documents? With cloud storage, eliminate or minimize the paper. Financial institutions, CPAs, financial advisors and brokerage firms keep

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U.S. Readies Small-Business Grants as P.P.P. Nears End

The federal government is preparing to open two new industry-specific small-business relief programs, one of them months in the works, as its signature pandemic aid effort, the Paycheck Protection Program, nears its end.

The Small Business Administration said it hopes to start taking applications by the end of this week for a $16 billion grant fund for live-event businesses like theaters and music clubs. The program, the Shuttered Venue Operators Grant, was supposed to begin nearly two weeks ago, but its application system malfunctioned and collapsed, stymieing thousands of desperate businesses that have been waiting months for the promised

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Frustrated, some BR residents who’ve never needed flood insurance, now watch as their streets flood

BATON ROUGE – Louisiana may be known for its rain, but not every neighborhood in Baton Rouge is prone to flooding.

As of late, however, a series of unrelenting storms have brought high water to some of Baton Rouge’s residential areas that have never experienced flooding.

Frustrated residents say they don’t have flood insurance because they’ve never needed it until now, and they add that after reaching out to officials for help, their problems have yet to be resolved. 

Drainage issues appear to be the culprit. Clogged drainage systems around the neighborhoods lead to high water that becomes impassable and

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Indian finance minister says digital currency bill will protect investors

India’s Finance Minister has said the upcoming digital currency bill will aim to protect investors from the volatility in digital currency markets, in the latest commentary on the ongoing progress of the legislation.

Indian Minister of State for Finance and Corporate Affairs, Anurag Thakur, said the government would put investors at the forefront of their legislative effort, though it remains unclear exactly how they intend to protect investors.

“The fluctuations in the price of cryptocurrencies are so high—unlike that of fiat currencies—and that has an impact on the investors. So we need to keep investor protection in mind while framing

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Cord-Cutting Isn’t About Saving Money. It’s About Control

The point of cord-cutting was to save money. Pick the programming that means something to you, and jettison the rest. Then the broadcasters, streamers, and studios all sectioned off their little wells of content, and the services such as Hulu, Youtube TV, and SlingTV homogenized their offerings. Now I can actually pay less for a subscription to Spectrum than I would if I subscribed to any of the other live TV services. But as I’ve shaved, trimmed, and pruned my cords to save just a few dollars when I can, I’ve realized that it was never about saving money. It

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