April 20, 2021

State denies quick review in complaint against Bronson campaign alleging campaign finance violations

The Alaska Public Offices Commission will not expedite its consideration of a complaint lodged against Anchorage mayoral candidate Dave Bronson claiming he violated campaign finance rules.

Forrest Dunbar, Bronson’s opponent in the race for Anchorage mayor, filed the complaint Monday with the state and requested an expedited review.

During an initial hearing held Wednesday, the commission considered “whether or not the alleged violation or alleged violations — if not immediately restrained — could materially affect the outcome of an election,” APOC Chair Anne Helzer said.

Dunbar’s campaign did not meet the burden of proof showing that the alleged violations could

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Stocks are booming, but traders are having a harder time making money

Traders on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

Source: NYSE

This is a very powerful rally. The combination of surprisingly strong economic reports and even more surprisingly strong earnings reports is pushing broad swaths of the U.S. stock market to new highs.

Even the technicians who chart momentum are impressed.

“The vast majority of NYSE stocks are in intermediate-term uptrends, independent of short-term pullbacks and volatility,” Michael N. Kahn of Lowry Research, the oldest technical analysis service in the U.S., wrote in a note to clients.

Of course, the market hit new highs in January and February, but

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Fairfax County granted federal funds for personal protective equipment

Fairfax County has been awarded approximately $3.3 million in federal funds to cover the costs of personal protective equipment, Sens. Tim Kaine and Mark Warner announced on Wednesday (April 14).

The funds come from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and will be used to purchase and distribute masks, respirators, eye and face shields, and other PPE necessary to protect county workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a joint news release from the senators’ offices.

The money can also go toward tents, bags, door openers, and tables utilized by workers as part of the county’s pandemic response.

“We’re glad to

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Expect a lot more business travel by the end of the year

Photo courtesy of Delta Air Lines

The Bottom Line

A huge portion of the restaurant business has recovered much of not all their lost sales from the pandemic—even if it is a temporary result of stimulus payments and the ever-present “pent-up demand.”

One big area where the industry still needs recovery is among higher-end restaurants that have historically relied the most on dine-in service and business travel in particular.

That could pick up this summer, at least according to some airline executives. Glen Hauenstein, president of Delta Air Lines, told analysts last week that the company expects improvements in business travel in the

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How to finance your next home purchase if you’re retired

nd3000 | iStock | Getty Images

Retirees who are considering a move that involves buying a home may want to consider how they’d finance the purchase.

It can be tricky for seniors to get a mortgage in retirement, said Al Bingham, a mortgage loan officer with Momentum Loans in Sandy, Utah. Not only are lenders still more cautious about extending credit during the pandemic, retirees generally have left a steady paycheck behind.

“You can have a lot of money but show very little income and have difficulty qualifying for a mortgage,” Bingham said. “It frustrates a lot of them.”


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Personal Finance: Spring cleaning | PostIndependent.com

Between putting the winter toys away and anticipating upcoming COVID-19 freedoms, now is a great time to freshen up your finances.

Clear out the clutter: I recently helped my dad clean out his office. He still had the paperwork from my Blue Lake home that he co-signed with me back in 1989. Wild to see a 14% interest rate. He also had credit card statements for the past 15 years. Do you have old tax returns, brokerage statements or other financial documents? With cloud storage, eliminate or minimize the paper. Financial institutions, CPAs, financial advisors and brokerage firms keep

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