March 30, 2021

Day: March 30, 2021

Google Nest Hub (2nd gen) review: More for your money

Chris Monroe/CNET

If you own a Google smart display, chances are it’s the first-generation Nest Hub. There have been others: the Lenovo Smart Display powered by Google Assistant or the pricey, camera-equipped Nest Hub Max. At $130 and often on sale, the smaller Nest Hub was the go-to for many smart home consumers.

Now, there’s a new model replacing it. The second-gen Nest Hub is cheaper at $100 (£90, AU$149) and smarter too. What’s not to love? Well, like Amazon’s Echo Show 10, Google showed up with a new feature that might creep you out: Sleep Sensing. 

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GMA’s Robin Roberts reveals incredibly personal feature dedicated to her and partner Amber inside family home

Hanna Fillingham

Robin Roberts spends her weekends at her stunning country home in Connecticut, where she lives with partner Amber Laign.

The Good Morning America has lots of personal touches in the property, and the latest addition to her living room is incredibly special.

MORE: Robin Roberts shares colourful photos inside family home to mark special occasion

The GMA co-star took to Instagram to share a photo from

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A look at 3 NorCal businesses on National Mom & Pop Business Day

Without a doubt, COVID-19 has caused strenuous impacts on businesses across the country. The same goes particularly for the local mom-and-pop shop that may not have the same financial backing of large chains. On National Mom and Pop Business Day, KCRA 3 profiled three businesses in the area.OLD CITY KITESFor the past two decades, Old City Kites has been serving the Sacramento community. It’s one of the only remaining full service kite stores in northern California. Kites are just one thing you will find in their store. They also specialized in high-end yo-yos and puzzles.LOUIE’S MARKETLouie’s Market in Stockton has … Read More

Lemonade makes home and renters insurance more convenient

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If you’ve ever been burglarized, you know exactly how unsettling it is. First, there’s the feeling of violation. Then there’s the inconvenience, if not outright heartbreak, of losing specific possessions. Adding insult to injury is the bureaucracy of most insurance companies, which use outdated, often counter-intuitive systems to make your recovery process as convoluted as possible.

Eliminating crime is unlikely, but Lemonade can at least cut down on the complexity with their home insurance (starting as

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Build America Bonds may be key to financing Biden infrastructure plans

Republicans and Democrats agree that the U.S. is in dire need of a major infrastructure overhaul, and at the very least, that Congress should authorize significant repairs to roads and bridges.

The fierce disagreement between the two parties begins over which provisions are worthy of running the federal deficit higher, as well as over how to finance such a massive undertaking.

And while Wall Street worries about potential increases to corporate and individual income tax rates, Democrats may soon turn to an Obama-era tool to finance their infrastructure plans: Build America Bonds.

BABs are special municipal bonds that allow states

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How To Save Money And Spend Less, According To ‘The Budgetnista’ Tiffany Aliche : NPR

Photo Illustration by Becky Harlan/NPR

Three 20 dollar bills folded into hearts are arranged in an upward trending diagonal line on a sparkly green background, reflections of the money are cast to the lower right side of the frame.

Photo Illustration by Becky Harlan/NPR

It doesn’t take an expert to know that money is so much more than dollars and cents. Our relationship with money is emotional. Hopes and fears, guilt and shame — they can all play a significant role in your financial life.

And those feelings can be tied to lots of things: our upbringing, our environment, plus, y’ know, all the money messaging in the world and the media.

But honing those feelings and creating your own strong, secure financial voice? That takes some expertise.

Tiffany Aliche, better known as The

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