April 3, 2021

Day: April 3, 2021

Stimulus update: Some earlier payment recipients may get more money, IRS says

More than 130 million stimulus payments – worth about $335 billion – have been distributed in March, according to the Internal Revenue Service and the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

The $1,400 Economic Impact Payments were part of President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan designed to bolster the economy during the coronavirus pandemic. The IRS began sending out a third batch of payments on Friday, March 26 with an official payment date of March 31, with some people receiving direct payments in their accounts earlier as provisional or pending deposits.

Also included in the latest batch are supplemental

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‘Generation’: The Personal Story Behind the Finale (Guest Column)

“This entire episode is a nod to our theme of chosen family,” teen co-creator Zelda Barnz writes for The Hollywood Reporter.  

[This story contains spoilers from the part one finale of HBO Max’s Generation.]

The birth storyline has been the start of every single episode, and throughout part one our timeline inches closer and closer to the day of Delilah’s (Lukita Maxwell) baby’s birth. I think we always knew we wanted real closure for Delilah by the end of part one.

We didn’t want to leave anything ambiguous or open-ended; we wanted to tell this story of a teenager

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Seneca County businesses struggling despite federal stimulus | Regional News

Here comes the money.

Throughout March residents began receiving stimulus checks as part of the latest round of COVID relief signed into law by President Joe Biden. To that end, there was more than $12 billion for New York State. Around $10 billion more is being divided up between counties, local municipalities, and other entities.

That money will be essential, according to Jeff Shipley of the Seneca County Chamber of Commerce. He serves as president and CEO of the organization, which advocates on behalf of businesses. His agency has been one of the most vocal, not only because it has

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Businesses, health experts join ranks of ‘vaccine passport’ opponents

WASHINGTON — When it comes to decrying the concept of “vaccine passports,” conservatives have company. The idea’s detractors now include certain business owners, who fear customer backlash and the hassle or danger of enforcing the policy, and even prominent public health advocates, too.

The proof-of-vaccine concept is gaining traction in some circles globally and within the U.S., including among some professional sports teams, a major university, and highly vaccinated countries like Israel. In New York and Hawaii, among other states, governors have pitched the idea as a means of returning to normal life.

But the concept represents a “slippery

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Fancier Homes Mean Higher Insurance Premiums Under New Flood System

Photographer: Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg

The Federal Emergency Management Agency on Friday unveiled the details of an overhaul to its beleaguered National Flood Insurance Program, the initiative’s first major update in 50 years. Most homeowners in the program will have lower or stable premiums, but roughly 11% of homes—largely the highest value ones—will see increases in premiums of at least $10 a month. Those could continue to rise until they reach a cap of $12,000 a year.

The NFIP serves roughly 5 million

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How TikTok is teaching a new generation about personal finance

Now she has over 800,000 followers.

Dunlap, who notes on her website that she is not a licensed financial adviser, says her parents taught her a lot about money growing up, but she quickly realized that wasn’t the case for everyone, especially for women.

“Having a financial education as women or any marginalized group is our best form of protest and is our best way of gaining agency in a world that is increasingly inequitable,” Dunlap said.

And TikTok, she said, is leading the way in enabling a younger, more diverse group of people to both provide and gain access

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