April 24, 2021

Day: April 24, 2021

The problem with personal sustainability

We have been sold the lie of sustainability.

It’s not surprising that in a capitalist nation such as the United States, sustainability often becomes conflated with shopping. Consumers are bombarded with advertisements for products that are greener, cleaner or any number of other greenwashed buzzword adjectives aimed at convincing consumers that our individual choices alone will preserve the planet. For sustainability to have success under our economic system, consumers must buy more products, for there is no money to be made in consuming less.

But is sustainability something we can — or should — buy? What does sustainability mean when

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Biden Bid to Raise Economic Speed Limit Gets Boost From Business

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Good timing may not be everything. But it sure does help.

That looks to be the case when it comes to President Joe Biden’s drive to reverse a decades-long decline in U.S. economic dynamism. While Biden’s efforts on their own are likely to yield only limited results, they come at a time when some economists see the U.S. as primed for a sustained run of stronger growth.

After more than a year of business restrictions

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Why These 4 Franchises Expect a Post-Pandemic Business Boom

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What happen when the world goes back to normal? With any luck, a business boom. Entrepreneurs everywhere are hoping for a rush of new business, and making sure they’re prepared to meet customers’ needs after more than a year of digital-only interactions. Four franchise leaders talk us through why they’re expecting a spike, and how they’re getting their teams ready. 

Dogtopia Prepares for Pandemic Pups

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Courtesy of Dogtopia

“For a dog, the pandemic has been the best thing,” says

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Geico Insurance Review 2021 | NextAdvisor with TIME

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UW-Madison’s chief financial officer leaving next month | Higher education

UW-Madison’s chief financial officer is leaving next month for a job at an East Coast university, UW-Madison announced this week.


Laurent Heller, UW-Madison’s vice chancellor for finance and administration, is headed to Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore to take on a similar role.

Heller’s departure comes as UW-Madison faces a $320 million budget hole caused by the COVIV-19 pandemic.

Rob Cramer, who leads UW-Madison’s building facilities department, will take over Heller’s job on an interim basis beginning May 21. Before coming to the university last November, he served as vice president for administration for the University of Wisconsin

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Extra stimulus money sent to 700,000 people who filed 2020 tax returns

The third stimulus effort so far has put more than $379 billion into bank accounts, wallets and, yes, cash registers as many people spend their stimmy. 

Some people who already received the third stimulus payment were shocked to receive extra money in recent days.

Nearly 700,000 supplemental payments this week went to people who earlier this year received a stimulus payment based on their 2019 tax returns.

But now this group received extra money, either a new or larger payment, after their 2020 income tax returns were processed by the IRS.

Stimulus payments are based on income as well as

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