May 1, 2021

Day: May 1, 2021

Raising the bar: Tiki app aims to hand ownership of personal data back to the individual

More than 10,000 users have already signed up for access prior to Tiki’s launch in June

A new mobile app aims to put users back in control of their personal data by allowing them to control and monetize who has access to their information.

Tiki – which is aptly named, since it was conceived in a Tiki bar – is the brainchild of Mike Audi, a data scientist whose background is in building data solutions software for large companies.

The app, which is set to launch in June, allows users to see what information is held on them, and block

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State officials release ‘Universal Best Practices’ for businesses starting May 7

State officials have released an outline of what they call “best practices” for businesses, with some changes permitted to take effect one week from tomorrow. The state is hoping to streamline the process.Starting May 7, the state will replace the “Safer at Home 2.0 Business Guidance” with what is called “Best Practices.” It is a list of ways businesses can ease into re-opening.“A lot of our retailers were going above and beyond what the state was mandating anyway,” said Nancy Kyle, president of the New Hampshire Retail Association. “So, this is something they will continue to do and keep customers … Read More

Al Putre, the MTA’s Man in the Money Room

The MTA’s Al Putre, in his final week on the job.
Photo: DeSean McClinton-Holland

‘I got a couple of billion dollars rolling around through here,” Al Putre says, gesturing downward toward the floors below. We are sitting in the conference room next to his office, which is on one of the upper levels of a blocky, nearly unmarked building in southwest Queens. (He has asked me not to reveal where it is more precisely — “Call it a secret location. They like that” — although you can probably figure it out with Google.) On your way there, you pass mostly

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How Personal Ads Helped Conquer the American West

On June 4, 1871, Sara Baines hopped down from a wagon at Fort Bridger, a remote military and trading outpost at the crossroads of several pioneer trails in what would one day become Wyoming. Baines, a 24-year-old seamstress from Louisiana, had just spent several months traveling 1,500 miles through road-less territory, alone. But she wouldn’t be alone for long—she’d come to Fort Bridger to get married.

The groom was Jay Hemsley, a 48-year-old farmer who’d left Ohio some years before to seek his fortune out west. The two had met after Hemsley responded to an ad placed in the matrimonial

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Youngest CEO of a Black-Owned Business Lands at Walmart

What were you doing for kicks at the age of six?

That is worth considering in light of Lily Frilly founder Lily Adeleye’s latest news: The six-year-old has lined up distribution in more than 1,000 stores for her label.

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The company was started three years ago with an emphasis on hair bows, but apparel and accessories have since been added. What started as a creative outlet turned into a business after Adeleye showed some of her designs to her mother’s social media followers.

With Friday’s launch at Walmart, Adeleye becomes the youngest chief executive officer of

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Johnson County ends mask mandate, business can still require

OLATHE, Kan. — Johnson County’s mask mandate will turn into only a recommendation on May 1.

Mask opponents wanted to see the public health measure expire entirely.

Commissioners voted 5 to 1 to transform the public health order into a series of strong recommendations, beginning Saturday.

The coronavirus positive test rate in Johnson County has now dropped below five percent.

The new strong recommendations include:

  • Continuing to wear masks or face coverings within indoor public spaces.
  • Business operators should strongly encourage or require their customers, employees and
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