May 1, 2021

Day: May 1, 2021

Rivian To Partner With Nationwide For Insurance Program

Rivian’s plans to sell insurance for its electric vehicles are now taking shape, with new details released about data-driven coverage and a partnership with established underwriter Nationwide.

Rivian already is  at the forefront of electrification and autonomous driving. Now it appears to be on the leading edge of another trend—carmakers that sell insurance, too. And that carries special meaning in Bloomington-Normal, where State Farm is based and where Rivian will make its EVs.

Rivian recently announced plans to sell insurance products as part of its digital ordering process. The company says by linking insurance to the vehicle itself, it will

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30-something finance professionals feel stuck, insecure

As we reported last week, vice president (VP) level bankers working in M&A and corporate finance can earn £300k+ ($417k) in London, starting from the age of around 27 if they’re lucky. While money is no guarantee of fulfillment, compensation at that level should at least ward off financial insecurity. But individual high earnings aren’t sufficient to dispel a broader sense of uncertainty, and not everyone working in finance earns like that.

Vice presidents in M&A at major banks are part of a rarefied elite. Research firm Coalition says there are no more than 17,000 people working across all levels

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Child tax credit expansion 2021: See if you’ll get $500, $3,000 or $3,600 per child

Calculate how much money you could get from the expanded 2021 child tax credit.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Beginning in July, the first of seven child tax credit payments will be sent to you if you have qualified dependents (including newborn babies and older kids in college). The first half of the child credits will arrive from July to December unless you opt out of the monthly payments, with the rest coming in 2022. The payments may also eventually get extended to 2025 — President Joe Biden pushed for this to happen during his speech on Wednesday evening. 

The child tax

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