February 21, 2021

Business News

Even a veteran can make a rookie mistake

You would think that after almost 40 years of being a banker, and more than 35 of those years with direct customer contact that I would have learned.  But I made a classic rookie mistake. 

In my defense, I was just doing my job.  A job that has becoming increasingly more complex and more regulated every year.  Because of this, we are asking more of our customers every year, too. 

But I digress.

In dealing with a long time customer who was asking for a routine increase for their loan, I asked them for current financial statements. 

For those of

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Business is Education – Evanston RoundTable

Kingsway Preparatory School selected by the Boosting Black Business Facebook Group

An Evanston Facebook group launched to help raise money for Black-owned businesses is shifting its focus to raise money and awareness for African-American education.

Evanston born-and-raised founder Tosha Wilson started the Boosting Black Business page in July of 2020 when she and a cousin, Jacqui White, were denied a business loan for their Laundry Café project. After facing this roadblock in starting her own business, Ms. Wilson felt she could not be alone in this process. The Laundry Café project has new life and a potential new home in

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Leading optics company expanding Tucson presence, adding 50 tech jobs | Business News

Jayson Nelson is manufacturing technology manager at Edmund Optics. The company moved into a new research and development center on East Grant Road in 2016.

Edmund Optics, a leading provider of optical and imaging components, has opened a new assembly and advanced design facility in Tucson and is expected to add about 50 new tech jobs.

The 21,225-square-foot facility, on East Elvira Road near Tucson International Airport, is Edmund’s second site in Tucson and will support advanced design efforts and high-volume manufacturing services, including clean-room assembly, inspection and testing, the company said.


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Under fire, Robinhood CEO apologizes to Congress for restricting trading

Wall Street, Silicon Valley, rogue internet chatrooms and Congress collided Thursday in a hearing to dissect what went down during the recent skyrocketing rally of GameStop and other stocks.

The virtual hearing of the House Financial Services Committee was called after shares of GameStop, AMC and other stocks favored by online traders surged late last month on the back of a “short squeeze” strategy that made early investors millions of dollars on paper, while hedge funds that bet against them lost billions.

Many of the retail investors used the zero-commission trading app Robinhood to execute their trades — but they

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Roaring Kitty Will Tell Congress He Was a True Believer in GameStop

Credit…via Youtube

Keith Gill, the former MassMutual wellness education director who advocated for shares of GameStop in his free time, is prepared to tell a House committee on Thursday that he never provided investment advice for a fee and did not “solicit anyone to buy or sell the stock for my own profit.”

The statement made no mention of the fact

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Weekly jobless claims rise to 861,000 vs. 773,000 expected

Last week’s initial jobless claims soared to 861,000, despite more states and cities lifting restrictive business measures amid a decline in the number of coronavirus cases. Economists had predicted around 773,000 first-time claims for the week ended Feb. 13. Data for the previous week was revised up to 848,000 from 793,000.

“Total initial claims broke their three-week streak of declining numbers,” said AnnElizabeth Konkel, economist at Indeed Hiring Lab. “The movement of this number is going in the wrong direction, and at 6.7 times higher than the pre-Covid era, magnitude also remains a problem.”

The surprise rise in claims comes

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