St. Tammany property transfers, June 7-13, 2022: See a listing of residence and different gross sales | Enterprise Information


Transfers for June 7-13


BARQUE PLACE 71036: $240,000, Madison Kuhn Longman to Jon Paul Gautier and Rosanna Greenleaf.

BURVANT ST. 23342: donation, no worth acknowledged, Doris Hammond Penn to Wanda M. Penn.

BURVANT ST. 23354: donation, no worth acknowledged, Doris Marie Hammond Penn to Tiffany Ok. Penn.

CHEROKEE DRIVE 154: $378,000, Glenn E. Sharpless and Daybreak S. Sharpless to Larry Brown and Patricia Brown.

DANNY PARK DRIVE 72047: $133,000, Archie D. Saurage to Brian Mahon.

EDDIE SAVOIE ROAD 28084: donation, no worth acknowledged, Jeremy Costa Jones to Jessica Lauren Sumpter.

FIRST PAILET SUBDIVISON, PORTION OF GROUND: $22,500, Lawrence H. McIntyre Jr. to Russell Dean Armstrong and Rickey R. Lang.

MONEY HILL PARKWAY 160: $85,000, Cash Hill Plantation LLC to Wilfredo Romero and Cynthia Romero.

N. DUNDEE LOOP 2048: $130,000, Amelita M. Cambre to Terry J. Head and Judith E. Head.

NIBLICK STREET, LOT 8, SQUARE 21: $9,000, William G. Sewell and Merry R. Sewell to Philip A. Doty Jr.

SCHOONER PLACE 71169: $179,500, David Lee Konrick Property and Tamara Black Reuter Konrick to Alpha Rental Properties LLC.

SIXTH ST. 72652: donation, no worth acknowledged, Misty M. Badon to Tiffany Marion Hufferd.


AVENUE DU CHATEAU 1105: $370,000, Tanya L. Traycoff to John C. Hemphill and Kaitlyn C. Ladner.

AVENUE DU CHATEAU 1212: $500,000, Elizabeth Ann Buckman George to Adam C. Reed.

BARCELONA ROAD 85143: $150,000, Richards Assortment Realty LLC to Robin Barcelona.

BODET LANE 240: $270,000, Frank Paul Fischer Jr. and Karen McKeon Fischer to Lucas M. Beebee and Hayli M. Beebee.

BRICKER ROAD, PORTION OF GROUND, INGLEWOOD TERRACE 212: $275,000, Amor Fati LLC to Jeannine Sullivan.

CATALPA TRACE 64: $594,900, Chad R. James and Nichole L. James to Bhavin Chauhan.

CRAPEMYRTLE ROAD 137: $325,000, Daniel Gilbert Casey Jr. and Brittany B. Casey to Paul W. Ostoff, Suzanne R. Ostoff and Amber Lynn Ostoff.

CYPRESS POINT DRIVE 4049: $535,000, Jairo E. Pertuz and Elida B. Angulo to Chantelle Chotto and Nicole L. Chotto.

DOVE PARK ROAD 900: $80,000, Tommie J. Skrintney to Don J. Audibert and Shelly Duhe Audibert.

EMERALD FOREST BLVD. 350, UNIT 15102: $123,000, David M. Robert to Michael S. Frazer and Stephanie B. Frazer.

EMERALD FOREST BLVD. 350, UNIT 5101: $176,500, Succession of David Bordelon to Troy M. Mitchell.

FOREST CREEK DRIVE 73334: $220,990, DSLD Properties LLC to George P. Naquin Jr. and D’Wana M. Naquin.

HELENBIRG ROAD 20340: $200,000, Guidry Dwelling Belief to Madison E. Guidry.

LA. 1077 75603: $265,000, Brent Hagen McNeely and Kristen Junod McNeely to Stephen R. Dean and Lina Martinez Dean.

HOLLYCREST BLVD. 72: donation, no worth acknowledged, Danielle B. Hebert to Aaron J. Hebert.

INGLEWOOD TERRACE 216: $1,240,000, Angela G. Bunce to Jeannine Sullivan.

KINGS FOREST SUBDIVISION, LOT 27, SQUARE 2: $185,000, James Dyer and Mary Dyer Belief to Gordon Value LLC.

L ST. 70326: $220,000, KP70326 L LLC to Elizabeth L. King.

LAKE PLACID DRIVE 71038: $283,500, SMB Development LLC to Colin Borrouso and Madison Rooney.

LAKE RAMSEY SUBDIVISION, PHASE 2, LOT C1B: $650,000, Robert Bruce Hurst to John M. Simoneaux and Louise A. Moggio.

LAZY RIVER ESTATES, LOTS 153A, 154A, 155A: $145,000, John Sehrt and James Sehrt to Bleu Frog LLC.

LONGLEAF ESTATES, LOT 108B: $96,000, Louis L. Mauroner and Donna L. Mauroner to Frank J. Ziegler V.

MANOR LANE 864: $464,900, Jenkins Properties Inc. to Andrew V. Friedrichs IV and Andrea R. Friedrichs.

MAPLEWOOD DRIVE 645: $275,000, Wilda B. Murphy and succession of Thomas A. Murphy Jr. to Bawi Bik.

MEADOW SPRING PLACE 108: $279,900, Matthew C. Gatto to Deborah Bordelon King.

MILITARY ROAD 74122: donation, no worth acknowledged, Eva Glynn Crain Coles to Katie Lynn Nunez.

MIRE DRIVE 21442: $245,000, Timothy M. Gallagher to Albert D. Giraud and Minette M. Giraud.

MONGA DRIVE 18293: $449,000, Adam C. Reed to Arthur J. Mitchell and Danelle S. Mitchell.

N. COLUMBIA ST. 216: $825,000, Shepard Brothers LLC to 216 N. Columbia St LLC.

N. U.S. 190 2640: $1,500,000, 2640 North Hwy 190 to Slidell Leases I LLC.

NEAR COVINGTON, PORTION OF GROUND: $4,450,000, Mandeville Partnership 13233 LLC to Cameron Ashley Covington LLC.

OAK CREST DRIVE 1044: donation, no worth acknowledged, Ernestine C. Jenkins to Robert W. Jenkins Jr. and Randall S. Jenkins.

RIVER CLUB SUBDIVISION, PHASE 2A, LOT 178: $165,000, Alessandro Fenzi to Matthew E. Daigle and Casey S. Daigle.

RIVERWOOD ON TCHEFUNCTE SUBDIVISION, PHASE 1, LOT 9, SQUARE 1: $285,000, Succession of Robert Allen Sigerson, Richard A. Sigerson and others to American Eagle LLC.

ROBINDALE SUBDIVISION, LOT 8A, SQUARE 14: $60,000, Steadfast Improvement LLC to Jenkins Honmes Inc.

ROBINDALE SUBDIVISION, PHASE 2, LOT 8, SQUARE 8: $372,995, AMG Contractors LLC to HPA III Acquisitions 1 LLC.

ROBINHOOD ROAD 309: $220,000, Myles Properties LLC to Christopher Marino and Cheryl Hennessy Marino.

S. VERONA DRIVE 128: $336,900, Aaron W. Blum to Christian Justrabo and Christie Gomez.

SIGNET COURT 800: $270,000, Arthur J. Davis and Holly L. Davis to Eric Williams.

STILL HOLLOW DRIVE 73016: $276,150, DSLD Properties LLC to Robert J. Whaley and Brenda Ann Whaley.

TAMMANY HILLS SUBDIVISION, LOT 15A, SQUARE 70: donation, no worth acknowledged, Roaring Properties LLC to Intrepid Builders LLC.

TERRA MARIAE SUBDIVISON, PHASE 1, LOT 49: donation, no worth acknowledged, Donald J. Guidry to Dian H. Guidry.

TERRACE LAKE DRIVE 580: $300,000, Marvin Gilliard and Rachelle Gilliard to Stephen R. Miller and Julie S. Miller.

TERRACE LAKE DRIVE 645: $266,000, Bruce Lynn Bosworth to Kirby Kate Williamson.

THIRD ST. 70034: $226,000, Truman Doyle Sharp III and Karissa L. Wilson Sharp to Bridget Wells Anderson.

TURF DRIVE 74324: $259,000, Marie Argentina Cannaliato to Karen Anne Breiner.

W. 29TH AVE. 203: $1,666, Cynthia F. Johnson to Paul Lewis and Ariyal Fabre Lewis.

WHARTON ST. 111: donation, no worth acknowledged, Samuel Isum Thornhill to Corey M. Badeaux and Jennifer L. Badeaux.

WHITE WING DOVE DRIVE 21209: $375,350, D.R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Chris P. Broussard and Ashley M. Zitzmann.

WOODLAWN DRIVE 15: $218,000, Jason L. Sepulveda, Bailey Serpas and Caitlyn Pizzitola to Monique Ann Larrieu.


DEERFIELD ROAD 380: $360,000, Arlene Dahmer McCallef to Blake T. Barrios and Shannon G. Barrios.

NEAR FOLSOM, PORTION OF GROUND: $35,000, Henry R. Clark and Lora Vallerga Clark to Jenkins Properties Inc.

NEAR FOLSOM, PORTION OF GROUND: donation, no worth acknowledged, Joseph C. Timphony to Lisa Timphony Welch.

NEAR FOLSOM, PORTION OF GROUND: $515,000, Deborah D. Arnold to Adam Smith.

NEAR FOLSOM, PORTION OF GROUND: $110,820, Todd A. Guidry and Rod D. Guidry to Brent Dantagnan and Katie Cox.

NEAR FOLSOM, PORTION OF GROUND: $110,820, Succession of William Loewe and Patricia Ann Ryan Loewe to Brent Dantagnan and Katie Cox.

NEAR FOLSOM, PORTION OF GROUND: donation, no worth acknowledged, Dian H. Guidry to Donald J. Guidry.

TOWN OF FOLSOM, PORTION OF GROUND: donation, no worth acknowledged, W. & E. Burris Tower LLC to Betty Jean Myers, Carolyn A. Giddens and others.


AUTUMN WOODS DRIVE 148: $260,000, Caleb D. Borelly and Marlise Eschete Borelly to Joshua Mark Powell and Catherine Ann Wilks Powell.

CYPRESS PARK SUBDIVISION, LOTS 14, 15, 16, 17, SQUARE 10: $44,000, Burgess Inc. to Fallon Investments LLC.

ERINDALE DRIVE 29300: $215,000, Jon G. Finch Development LLC to Whitney Ferguson.

JOHN LANE 27452: $222,000, Matthew Mccoy to Drake A. Battaglia and Jaslyn Jane Brilliant.

N. ST. MARY ST. 61284: $177,500, Luis Alberto Ortiz and Lucia M. Ortiz to Timothy S. Wattigny.

SUNSET OAK BLVD. 60345: $227,140, DSLD Properties LLC to Michael Isham Vinnett.

TUPELO DRIVE 29195: $153,000, Belinda L. White Levet Interdiction to Madison Butzman

W. VIOLET ST. 28497: $50,000, Sophia M. Campo to Crystal Ingold Hurley.

W. VIOLET ST. 28497: donation, no worth acknowledged, Justin C. Ingold to Crystal Samara Hurley.


AUDUBON LANE 11: $674,900, Otto L. Abad Jr. and Brandy B. Abad to Jin Chun Chen and Xuefang Li.

AUDUBON PARKWAY 1166: $465,000, Jaco Development LLC to Joshua B. Parrish and Ashley Katie Parrish.

AUDUBON PARKWAY 1512: $403,915, Alvarez Development Co. LLC to Eduardo Benitez and Claudia Benitez.

AUDUBON PARKWAY 1516: $421,990, Alvarez Development Co. LLC to Michael J. Callejas and Lauren Chaisson Callejas.

BEDICO TRAIL LANE 8077: $483,000, Yar Development Co. Inc. to Grant Dean Clinkingbeard and Ashley Alker Clinkingbeard.

BREWSTER ROAD, LOT E-5-A: $125,000, Remedy Estates LLC, Gillis Remedy and Jamie Remedy to Aaron P. Sapp and Andria J. Sapp.

BREWSTER ROAD 751: $660,000, Gerhard D. Beckmann to George R. Benton IV and Jamey Leigh Savoie.

BREWSTER ROAD, LOT E-5-B: $125,000, Remedy Estates LLC, Gillis Remedy and Jamie Remedy to James M. Rooney Jr. and Melissa Farmer Rooney.

CHAMBLY COURT 70476: $304,000, Etiennette Martin Benedetto to Taylor Renee Matherne.

COLLEEN COURT 306: $450,000, Richard W. Tyler and James W. Tyler to Max Prather and Mary E. Damratoski Prather.

CYPRESS TREE COURT 2012: $515,000, BMI Development LLC to Kevin D. Grubbs and Michelle B. Grubbs.

DEER CROSS PARK SUBDIVISION, PHASE 3, LOT 2G: $1,575,000, Yeates Ventures LLC to 610 Deer Cross LLC.

GREY HERON LANE 736: $490,000, Alicia Gale Hare Campbell to Melissa Renee Stevens.

LA. 22 127, UNIT W18: $319,900, Jon A. Volk to Jeffrey S. Fooshee and Kristin Y. Fooshee.

HOUSE SPARROW DRIVE 5024: $346,000, Kathleen N. Kahanic to John T. Fisher and Cydni Walden Fisher.

MOSS POINT LANE 3021: $347,350, West Customized Properties LLC to Yvonne Randon Galley.

NEAR MADISONVILLE, PORTION OF GROUND: donation, no worth acknowledged, Villemont Trepagnier Jr. to Jennie Trepagnier Jones.

NORTHPOINTE BUSINESS PARK SUBDIVISION, PHASE 3, LOT 2: $335,000, Northpointe Enterprise Park LLC to DN Properties LLC.

PERKINS SUBDIVISION, LOTS 2, 9, SQUARE 6: donation, no worth acknowledged, Chad J. Pennington to George A. Pennington and Brenda W. Pennington.

PLACE LAFITTE 3: donation, no worth acknowledged, Rachel Kay Fanning to Scott T. Fanning and Angela B. Fanning.

SAP BERRY DRIVE 201: $580,000, Wesley E. Vogt and Rebecca Schott Vogt to Patrick B. Davis and Shannon V. Davis.

SPRING HAVEN SUBDIVISION, PHASE 2, LOT 31: $500,000, Vicente Ruiz Jr. and Fabiola Azuaje Ruiz to Spencer W. Pinion and Angela Marie Keller Pinion.

WILLOWS SUBDIVISION, LOTS 24, 25: $171,800, Reiher LLC to Stephen P. Higgins and Louise C. Higgins.


ATALIN ST. 635: $262,000, Michael R. Keller to Chalet Simone LLC.

BERG COURT 35: $578,000, Justin Kean Stubbe and Elise Manning Stubbe to Artem Baranov and Zoya Romanenko.

BROOKSTONE SUBDIVISION, PHASE 3, LOT 35: $255,000, Anthony P. Marullo III and Nicole C. Fank Marullo to Patrick E. Scheuermann and Sarah Lee Scheuermann.

CEDARWOOD DRIVE 323: $149,000, Dolores Paysee Schultz to Wanda Kaye Garrard.

CHAPEL LOOP 371: $750,000, James E. Hendry Jr. and Debra Wheeler Hendry to Seth D. Put up and Christina Marie R. Put up.

CHATEAU PAPILLON 176: $625,945, Turnkey Properties LLC to Eric J. Meaux and Amy Naquin Meaux.

COLONY TRAIL DRIVE 8: $430,000, Willis W. Sofa Jr. to Jeffrey Audirsch and Alicia Audirsch.

COURS CARSON 2380: $325,000, Louis J. Hill to Linda Ann Forman.

COURS CARSON 2380: donation, no worth acknowledged, Wayne A. Hill, Karen M. Hill, Grace Hill and Donna Hill Dotson to Louis Jack Hill.

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DUPARD ST. 1377: $54,000, BBB Holdings LLC and Higher Properties LLC to Kyle J. O’Neal and Shelley R. Schenck O’Neal.

EAGLE TRACE 28: $1,830,000, Brendan Kincaid Nugent and Jennifer P. Nugent to Daniel Sorensen and Witney Halford Sorensen.

EVANGELINE DRIVE 235: $750,000, Nancy Patrick Wagner to Sage D. Copeland II and Bailey Griffin Copeland.

FOREST BROOK SUBDIVISION, PHASE 1, LOT 6A: $375,000, Brandon Canada and Traci R. Canada to Torrey Bertheau and Ginna Bertheau.

FOREST LOOP 651: $143,500, Michael J. Ellison to Tyler C. Bonnette and Jessica A. Bonnette.

GRAND CHENIERE DRIVE 122, UNIT 318-L: $232,000, Larry Ray Fuller and Bette Pratt Fuller to E&G Hap LLC.

GRANDE MAISON BLVD. 221: $595,000, August J. Klohn and Allison Toney Klohn to Benjamin Hartlein and Kelly Hartlein.

HEAVENS DRIVE 736, UNIT 4: $190,000, George P. Naquin Jr. and D’wana M. Naquin to Robert Ok. Herbers and Jean Marie Herbers.

HUNTERS GLEN SUBDIVISION, PHASE 1C, LOT 35: $615,000, Douglas J. Paulson and Tracy G. Paulson to Gary Paul Shaffer and Demetra Kandalepas.

JENNIFER COURT 25: $250,000, Sherie Ann Landry to Grace Bartolucci.

MADISON ST. 1808: $569,900, Ryan M. Goris to Ryan Murphy and Marianne Murphy.

MARIGNY AVE. 524: $935,000, Terrence L. Mathers and Stacy L. Harrell Mathers to Noah M. Woolridge and Katelyn F. Woolridge.

MCNAMARA ST. 916: $411,000, Black Oak Holdings LLC to Thomas M. Wyant Jr. and Samantha D. Rigby.

MCNAMARA ST. 924: $331,900, Black Oak Holdings LLC to Erick Capulong and Monica Capulong.

MCNAMARA ST. 2145: $75,000, Patrick Ok. Daigle II to John G. Finch Jr. and Molly M. Finch.

N. BEAU CHENE DRIVE 665-19: $260,000, Joseph R. Di Giovanni and June B. Di Giovanni to Anthony P. Chimento Jr., Terry Lynn Chimento and Althea Ullo Chimento.

NEAR MANDEVILLE, PORTION OF GROUND: $250,000, Cheryllynn Gulotta Hipps to Jason Hipps Sr. and Nicole Hipps.

NEAR MANDEVILLE, PORTION OF GROUND: $2,250,000, Ploue Investments LLC to 5G Household LLC.

OLD MANDEVILLE LANE 1620: $560,000, Shane J. Thomas and Lisa Anne Bertucci Thomas to Lynn Suzanne Mason.

PINE PLACE SUBDIVISION, LOT 40A, SQUARE B: $10 and different good and priceless consideration, Tamara Quick Taylor to 636 Carondelet Road LLC.

PINEVIEW HEIGHTS FARMS SUBDIVISION, PORTION OF LOTS 4, 5, SQUARE 3: $190,000, Caroline Dietrich Gresse to John J. Hetro Jr., Donna J. Hetro and Brennon Hetro.

PREVAL ST. 920: donation, no worth acknowledged, Bonnie E. Sutherland to Lorraine Sutherland.

ROBYN PLACE 74: $715,000, Bharat Datt and Padmaja Nandini Datt to Brett C. Casperson and Shauna L. Reginelli.

RUE BAYONNE 1183: $479,000, Kathleen Goodyear Goll to Steven A. Inexperienced and Amy E. Bone Inexperienced.

RUE PICKNEY 2409: $255,000, Ted David Ochoa to Lawrence E. Eikel and Edna T. Eikel.

SAVANNAHS SUBDIVISION, PHASE 2A, LOT 7: $295,000, Borland G. Lawson to Donald P. Williams III and Trisha L. Garza.

SCOTCHPINE DRIVE 417: $115,000, Stevens Residential Development LLC to William Z. Rowalt and Kelly Megan Trainor.

SOULT ST. 1233: $321,900, Black Oak Holdings LLC to Joseph D. Garon.

SOULT ST. 1908: $59,000, Puipuro Improvement LLC to Jared Lamkin and Danielle Lamkin.

SWEET BAY DRIVE 880: $515,000, Andrew R. Comeaux and Joanna H. Comeaux to Cody Michael Soniat and Ana Q. Soniat.

TCHEFUNCTA CLUB ESTATES, PHASE 2, LOT 558A: $228,000, Man B. Corbett and Loretta S. Corbett to Nicholas F. Stodd and Kristen N. Stodd.

TIFFANY LANE 1621: $520,000, Roy G. Grillot and Janet R. Grillot to Christopher Caver and Sarah G. Caver.

TOWN OF MANDEVILLE, LOTS 12, 14, SQUARE 251B: $225,000, Tam Linda Thanh Le to Marcelle Sikaffy.

TOWN OF MANDEVILLE, PORTION OF GROUND: $1,030,000, Sq. 74 LLC to Metropolis of Mandeville.


BERSHIRE DRIVE 1041: $275,500, Tyler Gibson to Adam Burlile.

CHARWOOD DRIVE 102: $439,000, August Panks IV and Katie E. Rao Panks to Michael A. Weeks and Leticia L. Weeks.

ED YATES ROAD 36329: $286,000, John G. Finch Development LLC to Thomas Tucker and Angela Tucker.

LA. 41 64207: $148,000, Mayra Rivera to Medical Administration Properties LLC.

PONDEROSA RANCHES SUBDIVISION, PHASE 7, LOT 256: donation, no worth acknowledged, David B. Schill III and David B. Schill IV to Andrew S. Willie.

THIRD ST. 336: $167,000, Jason T. Fulkerson to Schylar Theresa-Chanel Smith.

THOMAS H. CRAWFORD SUBDIVISION, LOT 7C: $41,000, donation, Harry M. Bonnet Belief, Diane B. Bozeman, Linda L. Bonnet and others to Audrey Lecourt Bonnet.


ADMIRAL NELSON DRIVE 1800: $168,150, Mortgage Fairness Conversion Asset Belief 2011-1 to Ashdel LLC.

ALISA DRIVE 6648: $64,850, Larry Michael Buras to Baker Cowan Co. LLC.

AMANDA DRIVE 114: $250,000, April Vaughan Lagasse to Melissa Forster Garcia.

BETH DRIVE 2013: $210,000, Benny Exhibits Mayfield to Adriana Nicole Gorman.

BLUEBIRD DRIVE 259: $94,000, Oscar Anibal Cordova Rodriguez to Lucas F. Patricio Santos and Thaliana R. D. Nascimento.

BLUEFIELD DRIVE 136: $210,000, Stephanie Grayson Ohler to Bryce Mikel Balderson and Stephanie L. Balderson.

BRAVILLA WAY 3701: $305,895, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Solita M. Banford.

CAMELLIA BUD COURT 7809: $330,000, Leslie Reed to Aviance Nicole Davis.

CAT ISLAND COURT 688: $290,000, Katie Karena Mitchell to Rahim Khan.

CAWTHORN DRIVE 211: $260,000, Succession of William Warner Hill and Helen Ann Bertrand Hill to Albert A. Simmons.

CHAMALE DRIVE 138: $450,000, Bruce W. Clement and Lisa F. Clement to Marvin D. Dixon and Beth M. Dixon.

CHINCHAS CREEK ROAD 40614: donation, no worth acknowledged, Matthew Yarborough to Miranda Yarborough.

CLARK AVE. 2838: $80,000, Michael A. Beninato and Shannon R. Clark Beninato to Elizabeth R. Greene.

CLARKSTON GROVE DRIVE 5141: $331,065, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Corey J. Crawford and Ashonte Brook Thompson Taylor.

CLARKSTON GROVE DRIVE 5169: $332,834, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Adam Ok. Schultz and Jennifer Leigh Joiner Schultz.

CLIPPER ESTATES, PHASE 8, LOT 275: $59,000, Kyle D. Bowser to John H. Antoine IV.

CROSS GATES SUBDIVISION, PHASE 5E1, LOT 642: $385,000, Toan Music Nguyen and Molly Trang Do to Jamie De La Rosa and Vaitia De La Rosa.

CROSS GATES SUBDIVISION, PHASE 5E2, LOT 678: $400,000, Michael Adam Weeks and Leticia Stricklin Weeks to Wade Everett Henderson and Tiffany P. Henderson.

CUMBERLAND DRIVE 359: $139,000, Ralph Lionel Thomas Jr. to Marigny 3G LLC.

DAUPHINE ST. 4122: $5,000, Dauphine Heaps LLC to E. J. Milligan Development Co. LLC.

DAUPHINE ST. 4177: $12,500, Ayden Swindler to Nina L. Hymel.

DRIFTWOOD CIRCLE 200: $145,000, Edouard T. Hollister Sr. and Regina M. Hollister to BP Actual Property Investments LLC.

DRURY LANE 226: $181,500, Ray D’Aquin Jr. to Ronald D. Bender Jr.

E. AUGUSTA LANE 270: $475,000, Joseph Adam Alveras Peters to Dwana S. Knapper.

E. CHAMALE COVE 52: $200,000, Kenneth B. Adams and Cathy Davis to Vicki Marshall Darlington.

E. CHAMALE COVE 60: $260,300, Brian W. Brown and Darlene B. Brown to Raymond Cornelius Bissel.

E. LAKE DRIVE 249: $289,000, Qinglin Yang to Gregory Harper.

E. LAKESHORE LANDING DRIVE 1836: $309,900, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Paula Tonyell Vanburen.

E. LAKESHORE LANDING DRIVE 1864: $284,000, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Antonio Chantail Hueing.

EASTWOOD DRIVE 1577: donation, no worth acknowledged, Christopher Michael Givens and Katie Michelle Givens to Caroline Wynne Givens.

EDGELAKE ROAD 705: $582,000, Kathan Ollen Musgrove to Christopher W. McDowell and Kelly R. McDowell.

FIRST LAKE DRIVE 7535: $297,365, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Otta O. Legon.

FOUNTAINBLEAU ESTATES, LOT 11: donation, no worth acknowledged, Tyrone A. Brown Jr. to Tawanda Mahoney Brown.

GRAND SPRINGS ROAD 5516: $315,000, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Oanh Thi Tu Bui and Tam Hoang Nguyen.

HERITAGE CIRCLE 110: $188,000, Aaron J. Smith to Coretta Williams.

LA. 433 33429: $500,000, Venora Maurer Galatas to Brek Galatas and Kelly Galatas.

HOOK ISLAND LANE 3952: $400,000, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Justin Carl Wooden.

JANETTE COURT 1010: $365,000, Kevin Boyd Mclendon and Leticia M. Mclendon to Katy Wilson.

JEFFERSON DRIVE 407: $225,000, All Star Maid Service of Louisiana to David M. Alford and April Simmons.

LAKESHORE ESTATES, PHASE 1A3, LOT 169: $175,000, Susan Ok. Dwyer to Malcolm Darensbourg and Latonya Gunn Darensbourg.

MAPLE AVE. 57418: $225,000, Customized Craft Properties Inc. to Alcola F. Barone III.

MARINA DRIVE 1141: donation, no worth acknowledged, Faye Edler DeGruiter to Gerard DeGruiter.

MOONRAKER DRIVE 424: $489,000, Donald G. Vallee Jr. and Cassi Craft Vallee to Santo Paniello and Susan Olivier Paniello.

NEAR SLIDELL, PORTION OF GROUND: $262,000, Lawrence W. Haik Jr. to Norma Frias Perez.

NEAR SLIDELL, PORTION OF GROUND: $337,000, Aaron C. Kellogg to Travis Rhea and Kayla Rhea.

NEAR SLIDELL, PORTION OF GROUND: $40,000, Aaron Ok. Ainsworth to Jack D. Periods and Taren B. Periods.

NEW BASIN ROAD 552: $299,000, Brennan B. Wenck to Flavio R. Castillo Jr. and Jennifer O. Brown.

NORTH SHORE BEACH SUBDIVISION, LOT 41: $40,000, Sue Marie Ballam Nasca to Jacob Kadinger.

OAKWORTH ST. 5717: $395,000, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Javonn Latrice Harden.

PATRIOT DRIVE 1407: $255,000, Ryan Lee Casey to Michael S. Johnson.

PUTTERS LANE 210: $119,500, Sheila Faye Gregory to Nicolas G. Stewart.

RANCH ROAD 40692: $245,000, E. J. Milligan Development Co. LLC to Matthew Robinson and Sarah E. Serpa.

RIDGEFIELD DRIVE 700: $305,000, Anthony Burke and Robin Burke to Tuyet Mai Tran.

ROYAL GARDEN CONDOMINIUM, UNIT 50F: $119,500, Adam E. Willis and Taryn E. Willis to Eric T. James.

SHIPYARD DRIVE 1336: $331,000, Edward A. Huff and Andrea Lee Huff to Bruno Estrada and Jessica Estrada.

SHORT BOUGH LANE 413: $370,530, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Jamie L. Morris and Annabel B. Bumagat Morris.

SLIDELL AVE. 2691: $19,500, Mustafa Ok. D. Rabee to Heavenly Locations 3 LLC.

SLIDELL OZONE HEIGHTS SUBDIVISION, LOTS 3, 4, SQUARE 3: donation, no worth acknowledged, Robert Louis Savell to Brandon Julian McCabe.

SPARTAN DRIVE 517, UNIT 8204: $150,000, Warren G. Berger III and Jane Conley Berger to Nicole Pellerin.

SPARTAN LOOP 114: $25,000, Marro LLC and Maria Salvaggio Natal to Raymond Chancellor Jr.

ST. AUGUSTINE ST. 1132: donation, no worth acknowledged, Neal Allen Dukes to Kathy Val Dukes.

ST. SCHOLASTICA ST. 1131: $190,000, Arthur R. Reeb III to Roberto C. Reyes and Carissa M. Martinez.

SUN VALLEY DRIVE 126: $154,000, Phillip J. Gardner, Brenda McIntyre Gardner and Meghan N. Gardner to Daniel Williams.

TAYLORS TRACE 40145, UNIT 405: $203,500, Bryan C. Rock to Cynthia Bonin Blache.

TERRACE PARK SUBDIVISION, LOT 2A, SQUARE 7: $14,500, Casey Civil LLC to Get Yours Development LLC.

TIMBER RIDGE SUBDIVISION, PHASE 1, LOT 108: $175,000, Mason M. Marques to Patricia LaCourse.

VALIANT LANE 216: $375,000, Thomas P. Candebat to George D. Edwards III and Lisha Mccurry-Hof Edwards.

W. CHAMALE COVE 106: $130,000, Roger C. Overkamp to Ryan Kendrick Overkamp.

W. ESSEX DRIVE 284: $285,000, John Barry Erwin to Robert W. Quigg and Christina Eager Quigg.

WAKE RESERVE ROAD 5509: $423,900, D. R. Horton Inc. Gulf Coast to Johnny J. Parker Jr. and Brea M. McCoy.


NEAR SUN, PORTION OF GROUND: $80,000, Quincy W. Moreau and Delaina B. Moreau to Brandon Laiche and Victoria E. Laiche.

OD KAINE LANE 84133: $625,000, David J. Kain, Kathleen Byers Kain and others to Kain Brake LLC.

RED HAWK LANE 80166: $370,000, William C. Lett and Whitney Mills Lett to Travis Merlin Longman and Madison Kuhn Longman.

STICKER ROAD 80277: $289,000, Daniel Bradley Sticker to James A. Sherry and Edna Crawford Sherry.

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