April 1, 2021


Microsoft attack could result in a flood of cyber claims

US organizations are more likely to have been using the compromised Microsoft Exchange servers, as are larger businesses, the report found. Germany, Africa, the Middle East, and Australasia were also identified as high-risk regions. Many smaller companies weren’t affected by the attacks, as they opted to use cloud-based email systems, which weren’t targeted.

The attacks, which are believed to have been carried out by Chinese state-sponsored hackers, exploited vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange servers to allow malicious code to be placed on them. The code can be used for ransomware, espionage, or redirecting system resources to mine for cryptocurrency on behalf

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Randy Carver Overcame Cancer and a Heart Attack to Prevail in Finance

  • Randy Carver has gone through multiple setbacks in life to prevail in the financial industry.
  • Carver started trading silver futures part-time in college before landing a job at Edward Jones.
  • He founded his firm, Carver Financial Services, in 1990 and manages over $2 billion in assets.
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Randy Carver always says to question the experts. It’s an understandable philosophy for somebody who had a cancer misdiagnosed at age 12, which ended up involving multiple treatments and surgeries before having his left lung removed. 

That alone would’ve been plenty to overcome, but it has been

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Flagstar Bank customers’ personal information stolen in ransomware attack, officials say

Flagstar Bank is warning customers that their personal information, including social security numbers, may have been stolen in a ransomeware attack.

The company said the hack was discovered in January but customers said they were recently notified.

Local 4 learned that the thieves got social security numbers as well home addresses not only of customers but also possibly employees. Flagstar has reached out to customers impacted and offering a credit monitoring service.

Contact Flagstar if you’ve been affected or have concerns.

READ: Despite hacks, US not seeking widened domestic surveillance

A tool designed to help businesses protect themselves from further

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Millersville University cyber attack: Some personal information compromised

We are learning more about a recent cyber attack on Millersville University that shut down the school’s computer system.On Wednesday, university President Daniel Wubah sent out a letter that said the personal information of a “handful” of individuals had been compromised.Spokesperson Janet Kacskos couldn’t give an exact number but said it’s “very few individuals.”The university said all of the people affected are being notified and are being provided with resources to deal with the breach.Millersville said it has not yet pinpointed the source of the attack and is still working to repair it.While this breach was successful, the school said … Read More