April 13, 2021


Seattle businesses and politicians are at odds. The new Chamber CEO is calling a truce.

After years of escalating hostilities between Seattle’s business community and its political establishment, at least one business leader says she’s ready to call a truce.

Rachel Smith, the new president and CEO of the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, says she’ll avoid the hardball campaign tactics that the chamber has sometimes used in previous elections.

“I think we have to really put down our dukes,” says Smith, who has run the chamber since Jan. 4, after more than 15 years in nonprofit and government roles, including the No. 2 spot in King County.

Smith’s chamber won’t endorse candidates in Seattle’s

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FTC fires back at Facebook, calling it an illegal ‘personal social networking’ monopoly

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on Wednesday fired back at Facebook’s (FB) bid to dismiss the regulator’s lawsuit seeking to break up the social media giant, as Big Tech continues to face scrutiny from the government.

“The court should deny Facebook’s motion,” the commission said in a document filed late Wednesday, arguing that “Facebook holds monopoly power over personal social networking (‘PSN’) services in the U.S., and is violating the antitrust laws by maintaining its monopoly through means other than competition on the merits.”

In March, Facebook argued in its motion to dismiss that the FTC’s lawsuit was legally defective

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Local matchmaking service customers are calling a waste of money

DENVER — Elizabeth Young first saw ads for It’s Just Lunch in airplane magazines.

After not having luck with other online dating apps, Young, a 41-year-old school counselor, said she decided to write a check to It’s Just Lunch Denver. It cost Young $2,700 for a lifetime membership and then a fee of roughly $90 per month.

The dating service sells itself as an elite international matching service that has offices across the country, including in Denver.

“What they say is ‘It’s Just Lunch is the world’s No. 1 personal matchmaking service. It’s personal, it’s private, it’s convenient, it’s real.’

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Democrats give up on calling witnesses in Trump trial after Senate approved

  • House managers reversed course and decided not to call witnesses in Trump’s impeachment trial.
  • It was a surprising twist given they had demanded witnesses and the Senate approved the request.
  • The House managers and Trump’s lawyers will now get two hours each for closing arguments.
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Democrats abruptly reversed course Saturday on their demand to call witnesses in former President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, deciding after several hours that they wouldn’t call witnesses after all. It was a surprising twist in an already tumultuous trial, given that Democrats had asked to call

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