May 13, 2021


Connection And Carbon Offsets: Rethinking Business Travel Post-Covid-19

By Dave MacLeod, CEO of and the author of Scaling Conversations.

Official estimates vary on how much business travel decreased during the pandemic and what it might look like after the pandemic is over. But one thing everyone agrees on is that during the early stages of the pandemic almost all forms of travel stopped — and now it’s likely that we will travel for business a whole lot less. 

Some studies are projecting post-pandemic business travel will be cut back between 30% and 50%. On one hand, this is great for our impending climate crisis. Yet

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Nike executive steps down after reported connection to resale business

On Feb. 25, Bloomberg News reported that Hebert’s 19-year-old son was circumventing online purchase limits and buying Yeezys and other newly released sneakers en masse to sell them through his resale business, West Coast Streetwear. According to the report, Joe Hebert used an American Express card for West Coast Streetwear, not Nike, in Ann Hebert’s name. When asked about the connection, he said he had never received inside information related to his mother’s position at Nike.

Nike spokeswoman Sandra Carreon-John told The Washington Post that Hebert told the company about her son’s business in 2018 and that, upon review, Nike

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