April 8, 2021


American Rescue Plan cuts health insurance costs for thousands of Vermonters

A hospital bill from the University of Vermont Medical Center. Photo by Mike Dougherty/VTDigger

The American Rescue Plan will save millions of dollars for Vermonters who buy health insurance on the state exchange, according to officials. 

The newly enacted federal stimulus package dramatically expands access to tax credits that subsidize health insurance, effectively cutting the cost of health care for thousands of Vermont residents across nearly every income level.

“The big message I think for Vermonters is that this is a really good thing,” said Addie Strumolo, deputy commissioner for the Department of Vermont Health Access.

The law caps the

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Senate considers resolution that could result in personal property tax cuts

The state Senate is considering a resolution that could allow lawmakers to lower personal property taxes, particularly on vehicles.

The Senate Judiciary Committee approved the resolution Thursday after about an hour of discussion, and it will now be considered by the Senate Finance Committee. If both houses of the Legislature endorses the resolution, it would be on 2024 General Election ballots as a constitutional amendment to be approved by the public.

Property taxes are defined in West Virginia’s Constitution.

Mike Romano

“There was a reason for it, and I’ve looked a little bit,” said Senator Mike Romano, D-Harrison. “It was

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