March 31, 2021


Share of black employees in senior US finance roles falls despite diversity efforts

Black employees held a lower share of top US financial services jobs in 2018 than they did more than a decade earlier, according to new research by the Financial Times, underlining the shortcomings of Wall Street’s long-running efforts to improve racial diversity.

The FT analysed the most recently available anonymised data on the demographics of 3.6m staff across 13,000 financial services employers in the US from 2007 to 2018. All companies with more than 100 staff were required to submit the information to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission from 2007. 

Black staff account for 13 per cent of all finance

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Intern pay was meant to boost Congress’ diversity. Most of the money went to white kids

While paying interns is a start, the report argues they need to be paid more. The average intern pay was $1,986.75 in the Senate and $1,612.53 in the House, for stints that normally run five and seven weeks, respectively. Monthly rent for a barebones studio apartment in D.C. alone can run $1,600, leaving no money for other costs.

While the House has already increased the intern pay allotments to $25,000 per office and loosened some of the rules around how the money can be spent — allowing some of it to go to district office interns — Vera said more

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Personal trainer helps Fort4Fitness increase diversity

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – “I got certified through the YMCA and started there for group fitness,” said personal trainer Carla Jennings. “I began to have a passion to do more one on one, being involved closely with women and their journey and that’s when I got certified as a personal trainer.”

Jennings owns and operates Fit4U! at 1301 Lafayette Street in downtown Fort Wayne. She says exercise is something all women need to stay healthy and at her age she should know. “I’m 59 and I don’t mind saying it,” she laughed. “I’ll be 60 on July 30 of

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