May 13, 2021


Here’s What Couples Need to Know About Merging Finances

Personal finances embody deeply rooted emotional characteristics that shape one’s behavior toward their money. It’s important to remember that when sharing finances with a significant other, it’s not a one-size-fits all kind of deal. Individual emotions, trauma and beliefs around money will differ from person-to-person.

As a financial adviser at  Albert, a personal finance app where users can text me and our team for tailored financial advice, I see many questions around this topic. For example: My fiance and I are getting married. How should we save together for this goal? My partner just lost their job

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Maui Business Development Center Hosting Free Online Workshop about Personal Finances

May 11, 2021, 7:27 AM HST
* Updated May 10, 3:31 PM

The Maui Economic Opportunity’s Business Development Center is holding a free online workshop about personal finances on May 19 and 20. Photo courtesy

The Maui Economic Opportunity’s Business Development Center will hold a free online Money Matters Adult Financial Literacy Workshop from 10 to 11:30 am on May 19 and 20, via Zoom. 

The two 90-minute Money Matters Workshop sessions will cover understanding and managing all facets of daily personal financial situations in a challenging economic climate.  

Workshop topics will include:

  • Understanding spending tendencies (why we do that).
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My husband is destroying our finances for his passion project: money advice.

Pay Dirt is Slate’s new money advice column. Have a question? Send it to Athena and Elizabeth here. (It’s anonymous!)

Dear Pay Dirt,

I have been married to my husband for 15 years. For 13 years we have lived abroad because of his job. I have made a life for myself here and recently earned my (fully funded) Ph.D. I am lucky to be employed in a sector that has thrived during the pandemic, but that has meant 60-plus hours a week, and I am really exhausted. During the pandemic, my husband decided that he hated his job and

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It’s OK to be bullish, but take stock of your finances

Despite the rosy outlook for commodities prices lately, farmers still need to watch their finances, and assess their balance sheets to put them in good financial standing.

That’s the advice of Brian Philpot, CEO of AgAmerica Lending, one of the largest agricultural lenders in the United States. Philpot spoke with Successful Farming recently about the challenges farmers face – even with times more bullish than the past 7 years.

SF: How are farmers doing today? Things sure look a lot different.

Brian Philpot: Obviously prices are much improved where they’ve been in the last several years. It was a rough,

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Proposed financial disclosure bills wouldn’t make current lawmakers’ finances public

A new proposal in the Michigan House would compel lawmakers and state officers to disclose their personal financial interests for the first time — but that information wouldn’t be public until after they leave office, an arrangement that if signed into law, would diverge significantly from the 48 other states that currently require financial disclosure.

Michigan has long been an outlier when it comes to identifying and regulating potential financial conflicts of interest for elected officials. It’s one of two states – and the only one with a full-time legislature – with no requirement for state public officials to disclose

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Demystify Your Finances in One Month With the Master Your Money Bootcamp

Ask just about any personal finance expert how to start taking control of your money and they’ll give you the same advice: Figure out where your money goes.

It’s a lot harder than it sounds.

Have you ever left a bill unopened, to deal with it later? Are you 100% sure which subscriptions are charging you every month? Which of your debts has the highest interest rate? Quick, off the top of your head: How much money do you have in cash savings?

Chances are, you can’t answer some of these questions without a good deal of password-finding, terms-reading, and

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