Natural Gas Battles Local Climate Efforts : NPR

Tyler Hollon, who works for a construction company in Utah, says eliminating natural gas from apartment buildings can reduce costs. Hollon’s company now shares its designs and budgets with other builders. “The reason we’re giving it away is to clean up the air,” Hollon says. “We want everybody to do it. It’s everybody’s air that we’re all breathing. Makes my mountain bike ride that much easier.”

Kim Raff for NPR

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Kim Raff for NPR

Facing the rising threat of wildfire and extreme drought, Flagstaff, Ariz., unveiled an ambitious effort two years ago to cut the heat-trapping

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AOG shutting off natural gas to some businesses with little warning

Arkansas Oklahoma Gas Corp. (AOG) is shutting off gas supplies to some businesses with little notice.AOG is experiencing cuts to its gas supply from its providers, a news release from the company said. Those providers indicate the gas supply will be decreased by a third.It also shut down its CNG stations in the Fort Smith area.”Unfortunately, we’ve been notified that our gas supply is being reduced due to circumstances beyond our control,” Fred Kirkwood, Chief Customer Office, was quoted as saying in a news release.”In order to do everything possible to preserve gas access to our most critical customers including … Read More