May 1, 2021


Raising the bar: Tiki app aims to hand ownership of personal data back to the individual

More than 10,000 users have already signed up for access prior to Tiki’s launch in June

A new mobile app aims to put users back in control of their personal data by allowing them to control and monetize who has access to their information.

Tiki – which is aptly named, since it was conceived in a Tiki bar – is the brainchild of Mike Audi, a data scientist whose background is in building data solutions software for large companies.

The app, which is set to launch in June, allows users to see what information is held on them, and block

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Lake County News,California – Women business ownership in America on the rise

Women-owned firms made up only 19.9% of all firms that employed people in the United States in 2018 but their numbers are growing.

There were 6,861 more women-owned firms in 2018 than in 2017, up 0.6% to 1.1 million, according to the Census Bureau’s Annual Business Survey, or ABS.

Women-owned employer firms reported nearly $1.8 trillion in sales, shipments, receipts or revenue and employed over 10.1 million workers with an annual payroll of $388.1 billion in 2018.

The ABS provides data on race, ethnicity, sex and veteran status of owners of businesses with one or more paid employees. This information

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‘Free Enterprise’ follows journeys from incarnation to business ownership

A new show focusing on people who were once behind bars but are now turning their lives around by starting their own businesses will debut Saturday on WCVB. The title of the new show, “Free Enterprise,” says it all.”We’re trying to get the free enterprise system to work for people who have been incarcerated,” said financial-technology pioneer Brian Hamilton. Hamilton is the entrepreneur taking viewers along on the journey. He’s assisting former prisoners to rebuild their lives by helping them start their own small businesses. “We take them right from the idea, right through the basics of starting a business,” … Read More

Insurance Makes Michigan Costliest State for Car Ownership

The average cost of car ownership in the U.S. is highest in Michigan and lowest in Alaska, according to a recent study.

The estimates by, which provides referrals to moving companies and other resources for people who are moving, are based on the average cost of car payments, gas, car insurance and replacement parts across each state.

The average annual cost of car ownership in the U.S. is $5,264.58, says. In Michigan, the average resident pays $9,304.28 a year for their car, far ahead of second-place Florida at $6,765.22 and third-place Texas at $6,670.51. Delaware ($6,404.80) and Minnesota

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